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DIB Meal at Blue Ribbon

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I had never been to Blue Ribbon before, but, based on its reputation, I have to say their DIB offering was pretty disappointing. They offered a choice of two appetizers (squash soup or beet salad) and two entrees (lamb shank or salmon), and one dessert (bread pudding). I had the soup and salmon, and both were merely okay, certainly nothing interesting or commendable. The salmon, in particular, was pretty boring, with a "mustard" sauce that was in no way hot or spicy. Of course, the place was packed, so I'm sure they view restaurant week as a chore, but one would think they would want to get people attracted by DIB to come back and drop more money later.

On a side note, the volume in the restaurant was deafening. On top of very poor acoustics blending every conversation in the place, management was playing bad lounge music with booming bass followed by Eighties' Top 40.

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