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Mar 25, 2007 03:43 PM

romantic dinner near rehobeth beach

I have an upcoming weekend trip to Rehoboth Beach for my anniversary and am looking for a nice restaurant for dinner. I do not want to sacrific the quality of food for ambiance, but would prefer to not have any noisy children next to me either. Am negotiable with price and cusine. Any advice would be appreciated!! Thanks

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  1. The Blue Moon and La La Land are both in Victorian houses with funky decor, romantic lighting... And I believe they both take reservations.

    Redfin in Bethany is great and right on the bayside, but they don't take reservations though if it's this time of year (not summer) it might be fine...

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      Redfin is now called Blue Coast. Original partners split, hence the name change. They also own Fish On in Lewes, (really great restaurant, but not "romantic", more hip), and Northeast Seafood Kitchen in Ocean View.

      For romantic in Rehoboth, we like Eden, (they have these cool booths), and Espuma.

    2. You'll get a very nice meal with nice ambiance and little chance of screaming children at Espuma, located at 28 Rehoboth Avenue. I definitely recommend it.