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Mar 25, 2007 03:12 PM

Great Restaurants in the Village?

Need some good recommendations for great restaurants in the village. Nothing too upscale or expensive but great food. Going with family of four for dinner in about a week. Nothing too ethnic either like Indian food. Something with a decent variety on the menu (Me and my dad love steak but my mother and sister love pasta). Doesn't matter if in east or west village but some good suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Any "famous" spots around here? Just wondering.

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  1. Knickerbocker on University and 9th. Old-time New York, great steaks, good pasta and fish. Multi-generation friendly.

    1. Lupa is a favorite of mine for good Italian...and when my mom visited me, she appreciated that it was a mario batali restaurant.

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        I looked at both of these and I am interested in both, especially Knickerbocker. Just don't know if there is anything real good for people who don't like steak. And Lupa has kind of a limited menu as well. What do you suggest from them to eat? Any other places please?

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          Knickerbocker has very good fish. I often order the tuna. In the past i have liked the pialla and there used to be a very good shrip over pasta dish, though I don't know if that is on the current menu. The menu is varried, though it is true that the steaks are the best there.

          Lupa is great, better food than above, great pastas but it is more limited.

      2. If you want to have a great meal with plenty of meat, pasta, and fish options my favorite northern italian in the neighborhood is Da Umberto. Not as trendy as the Batali places but has been around for 30 years+ and is very very good. I prefer it to Lupa actually (although Babbo is in a class on its own). Warning, it isn't cheap.

        1. You may try The ittle Owl at in Greenwich Village (90 Bedford Street @corner of Bedford and Grove). It serves American cuisine, and the food is very comforting and delicious. The best dishes IMO are the pork chops and the sliders. Chicken is also great. It becomes very popular because of the great reviews from several critics, and therefore reservation may be hard. You can reserve through OpenTable.

          1. Lupa is wonderful - as is Pearl Oyster Bar. Wallse is another favorite - some what more expensive.