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Mar 25, 2007 03:09 PM

Girls Night Out Dinner - N. of Eglinton Pref.

I have found some great dinner ideas for an upcoming GNO - but most suggestions are downtown ( which works for me). A group of moms will be heading out for dinner this week but they prefer to compromise north of Eglinton - to meet all the mom's various locations. We are looking for a nice (not too upscale - i.e. Centro) and fun restaurant to go to. Any advice?

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  1. certainly not a foodie haven but definitely uptown, casual but fun would be safari on avenue road north of lawrence....if they're willing to trek a little further south to st. clair, west of bathurst there's the rushton or ferro across the street......

    1. Dim Sum - Cha Liu is cute
      We went to Alize a long time ago - it wasn't bad............ I think they have a website if you Google it...
      Haven't tried MEATing so I can't tell you about that...

      1. I think you'll get more bang for your buck if you compromise a little and head south of Eglinton a few blocks...I've found most restaurants north of Yonge and Eg to be pretty disappointing most of the time.

        5 Doors North has a fun & eclectic atmosphere, and it's possible to share a bunch of small plates. There's also a new Greek place, Ikaros, that opened up across the street that has gotten favourable reviews. Zucca and Tabule are also nice restaurants in the neighbourhood.

        For north of Eglinton, I like Cha Liu, too, but I think of it more as lunch place since they serve dim sum. Also, Sorn Thai serves decent Thai food, although I'm not sure I'd consider it a fun place.

        1. Alize is nice, and has a varied menu with a little bit of innovation. Zucca is more formal, with much better food (rustic italian (braised wild board frequently). Although you've said Centro isn't the goal, there is nothing comparable to the jazz bar downstairs for an after dinner drink in the area.

          1. A safe, but still nice option is Wildfire Grille on Yonge, between Lawrence and York Mills. The food is reliably good, with lots of options, and the atmosphere is nice -- you won't feel rushed out. And they have a live jazz trio that plays a couple of nights (thurs and fri maybe?).

            If you're willing to go south of Eglinton, Tabule is great for a casual, fun dinner.