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Mar 25, 2007 03:05 PM

Europea recommendations?

My wife and I will be visiting Montreal in a couple of weeks and want to get some feedback on a restaurant called Europea. It appears to be a romantic place with above average French cuisine. Any comments both pro and con are welcome.

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  1. Not extrmely romantic , but great food, try the tasting menu well priced

    1. About a year ago I posted a favorable review of Europea. Since it was part of a quite long trip report I will just paste the Europea paragraph here:

      One of the highlights of trip was the evening table d'hote at Europea on rue de la Montagne. I had unsuccessfully tried to get reservations on a day or two's notice on several previous trips, so I reserved more than two weeks in advance this time. The two table d'hote menus that my date I had were wonderfully presented and tasted delicious. They have an on-line site with full menus so you can read them for yourself: Pan seared duck foie gras over a truffle flavored celery root mash, with reduction sauce; The (very unusual) mushroom tasting plate, and The white truffle oil risotto and wild mushrooms with Champagne Moët et Chandon Sabayon were especially noteworthy. The wait staff was extremely helpful, polite and prompt. The décor was highly agreeable. All in all a perfect eating experience. (People with large appetites, however, might find the portions small; personally I was full. They do have an even longer tasting menu.

      1. Highly recommended. Slightly fussy food; small portions (thank God for good bread), whimsical amuses-bouche, sorbet between between courses, etc. which may not suit all tastes but almost everything is delicious and I always leave very satisfied. Food very similar in style to the nearby Decca77, which I also recommend.

        1. The original comment has been removed