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Mar 25, 2007 02:11 PM

Loveland, CO- Local hot spots?

Headed to Colorado with a couple others to meet with a client- any suggestions on really good local restaurants and evening entertainment?
I know it's close to Denver, but we probably want to stay closer around Loveland. Anything will help! Thanks!

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  1. Don't know of anything right near Loveland. Where are you planning to stay? Your best bet is probably to head on through the tunnel and eat in Silverthorne/Dillon/Frisco.

    1. The April Sunset magazine has a feature on Loveland with restaurant and bar recs:

      I think hungry girl is confused as to Loveland's location: it's on I-25 between Denver and Fort Collins, not on I-70, which is the tunnel she's referring to. You are closer to Boulder than Denver, and that opens up some options: Frasca, the Flagstaff House, the Kitchen, Mateo, Red Cat, etc.

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        Yes, sorry, my mistake!! I still have skiing on the brain and just automatically thought of Loveland ski area. My apologies.

      2. Loveland has many, many restaurants with several coming to town in the last couple of years. PFChangs, On the Border, Bent Fork, Old Chicago, Chillies, Black Steer, lots of small locals from German, Italian, steaks, etc. Check out:

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          That list of chains pretty much sums up your Loveland options.

        2. Actually, you're also close to Fort Collins. Austin's and Suehiro are two of my favorites up there. You can also do some beer tastings at New Belgium and Odell's.

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            Thanks, everyone. I'll try to check some of these out. I'll let you know if we go anywhere good!