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Mar 25, 2007 02:00 PM

Passover Birthday Cake is my original post in the Manhatten board,

Here is a copy

Help NYC foodies. I will be in the city the first week of April. For the second seder we are going to a friends house in Fairlawn NJ. One of my Kid's turns 5 that day (Tue, April 3). Do you know where I can find a way kewl Kosher for Passover Birthday Cake? If you have a number or web site that would be great, I will call and advance order it.
Details, I am staying near 48th and Lexington. I will have a car that Tuesday. I am driving from the City to Paterson NJ in the Morning and then to my friends house in Fairlawn that afternoon. So any bakery in the City or around the area's in NJ would work. However, I may have to pick the cake up on Monday, so the city would be easier, but, I could probably get someone in NJ to pick the cake up on Monday if need be.

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  1. Hi- You can get a very lovely Passover cake at Financier Patisserie in Lower Manhattan
    I know they don't have an actual "Birthday Cake" for passover,but they can personalize a Passover cake for you. Best of Luck.

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      Sorry.... I made a mistake in my above post
      Financier Patisserie's web site is actually

    2. My Most Favorite Dessert Company, 120 West 45th Street, 212-997-5130 will be open for Passover and has a number of Kosher for Passover cakes and pastries.