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Mar 25, 2007 01:56 PM

Passover Birthday Cake

Help NYC foodies. I will be in the city the first week of April. For the second seder we are going to a friends house in Fairlawn NJ. One of my Kid's turns 5 that day (Tue, April 3). Do you know where I can find a way kewl Kosher for Passover Birthday Cake? If you have a number or web site that would be great, I will call and advance order it.
Details, I am staying near 48th and Lexington. I will have a car that Tuesday. I am driving from the City to Paterson NJ in the Morning and then to my friends house in Fairlawn that afternoon. So any bakery in the City or around the area's in NJ would work. However, I may have to pick the cake up on Monday, so the city would be easier, but, I could probably get someone in NJ to pick the cake up on Monday if need be.

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  1. I don't know of a bakery that would be able to provide such a cake. However, you might consider also posting this (1) on the Tri-State board, where queries about Northern NJ go and (2) even better, perhaps, on the kosher board, indicating in the subject line that this is for NYC/Northern NJ.

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      I posted to all 4 relevant board, NYC, Tristate, Kosher and Bouroughs. Thx.

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        Glad to see that you're way ahead of me. :-) It is a problem when someone, especially a child, has a birthday during Passover. I, for one, find most Passover cakes very unappealing. It's not only that the cakes have to be made without leavening, but there's the problem related to icing since strictly kosher people cannot use confectioner's sugar. And if you make the icing with whipped cream, then you can't serve it at a meat meal. All in all, I think it may be tough coming up with something a kid would like. :-(

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          Ya, I know my BD is around Pesach too, I still have nightmares about Manschweitz Honey Cake with candles in it. I was just hoping with all the new ingredients, maybe, just maybe I could find something. For example I have found organic confectioners sugar without the corn starch. But is it not K for P certified. I figure if there is going to be anything anywhere in the US it is going to be in your area.

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            My birthday is often on Passover (about once every 4 years - not this year, though!!) My mother has perfected more than a few KforP recipes. If you are interested in baking, let me know and I can send them along.

            As for places in the city that might have KforP cakes, I would call Zabar's and ask them. Even if they do not have anything, they may know where to send you. And most bakeries do have flourless chocolate cakes that may or may not be certified KforP but do not contain anything that is forbidden.

            Good luck! I know how much it sucks not to have a real birthday cake on your birthday...sigh...

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              You may want to try Carousel Cakes in Rockland County (just a few blocks over the border from New Jersey) They have flourless Kosher cakes but they are not strictly K for P.

    2. We made a fantastic KP cake with lemon and pine nuts last year that we've made a few times since. If you're up to make your own, send us an e-mail and I'll give you the recipe.



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        I would love the recipe, but, I am from LA. Staying in a hotel that week. No baking for me.

      2. If you access to a kitchen try making a flourless chocolate cake,they're great. For powdered sugar for pesach, try putting sugar in a blender with a little potatoe starch and pulverize. This should give the textured of powdered sugar, then you can make frosting.

        1. One of my guests at the first seder this year will turn 1! I'm baking, among other things, a citrus sponge cake, served with strawberries. I'm going to take some batter and make a single cupcake for her. As far as buying a passover b-day cake, I know that Whole foods has a variety of things although I don't know if they're k for p. There are two whole foods in manhattan, on 7th ave at 25th st or in the time warner center @ columbus circle. There is also a whole foods in Ridgewood nj which is not too far from Fairlawn.

          1. I just read that Crumbs Bakeshop will have Passover Cupcakes. They are not, however, actually certified kosher for Passover. They are really just flourless cupcakes made with potato starch. That would work with my family, but not sure if it will work for you. They have a few locations around Manhattan, including one on 42nd between 5th & 6th.


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              Hmm, it might be worth calling typical bakeries like Billy's and Amy's to see if they have it.

              Otherwise, I know that Black Hound in the EV has flourless Passover cakes. I love all their cakes, I can't imagine these would be bad.

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                  That's the East Village. I'm not familiar with Black Hound, but I'd be surprised if their Passover cakes are K for P certified, but you never know. Here's their website:

                  I'm guessing your best bet for a bakery with cakes that are K for P certified would be a bakery that's kosher all year round. They would be more likely to do a proper chometz cleaning before doing Passover baking. Other bakeries usually just leave out the forbidden ingredients from the Passover cakes they offer.