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Mar 25, 2007 01:51 PM

North Flushing - Auburndale ?

Hello everyone,
Just bought a place, so I'll be moving to what they tell me is North Flushing or others call it Auburndale, Queens in a few months. OK probably no comparison to Astoria/LIC area but still can anbody recommend some quality stops in the area ??

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  1. There is (or was) a great Italian deli about five or six block south of Northern right off of Utopia. Great sandwiches and a pretty good butcher. Lots of Korean around on Northern, but I can't really talk about that as I'm sure the turnover has been huge since when I used to hang out there in '98.

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      Durso's is the name. Excellent fresh pasta and prepared Italian specialties.
      Marino Bros. on Bayside Ave. @ 162nd street is also a great market.

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        auburndale - i never really knew where auburndale is exactly located, but there's a plethora of good eats around here. these are many, many repeats of the posts i've put here before about korean food and the likes in/around bayside and flushing, but it's a little quiet at work today so i'll repost. :-)

        1) durso's (crocheron ave and near utopia pkwy): very good italian deli/grocery. they close early (7pm or so), so it's not a place to go after work. they also have good salads and sandwiches, albeit a tad expensive.

        2) there is an italian ice place on 35th ave & near clearview expwy that is very good. oh yes, it's called crispino's. i love it here during the summer when i didn't want to go all the way to corona for corona ice king. however, i live closer to corona now, yea!, but i always liked crispino's.

        3) nam oh jung: northern blvd & around 160th or so? right on the corner. good korean bbq. they use wood chips for the grilling. i believe it's 24 hours.

        4) across the street from nam oh jung (right next to the old eckerd parking lot) is a row of good restaurants.

        - cheong ha jin, a really good "hwe" place. hwe in korean is sushi/sashimi. however, it's koreanized b/c when you order enough hwe for your party, you get a plethora of side dishes, ranging from donkatsu, hamburg steak, various other types of seafood like squid salad, mussels, etc, to korean stews like jigae. great bang for your buck and the fish is fresh.

        - next door is a chicken place that serves the type of korean fried chicken that was made famous in the new york times. i haven't gone here - but someone here has posted about it. i think it was lisa/zenfoodist? or polecat? squidkun?

        - next to there is a korean natural health center place that serves chicken in 2 ways: rotisserie style and a small game hen in korean soup. both are amazing. i love it here.

        - next door to that is prince 2, a korean drinking place, and happy noraebang. hey, if you want to take a break from eating so much on this same block, these 2 places are the place to go. happy is really high tech karaoke and prince 2 is quintessential korean drinking for the young ones in queens. make sure to order anjoo when you drink there (the platter of fruit and snacks to eat with drinking).

        - on the other side of OTB and that little concave shopping place is a korean chicken kalbi place - their specialty is chicken BBQed like kalbi. i don't go here, but i have nonkorean friends that love it.

        5) the korean bakery, goryodang, near ihop and across from the huge shopping center with hanahreum korean supermarket (which is a MUST for your supermarket needs) is also great. the pahtbeengsoo, korean red bean dessert on shaved ice, is amazing during the summer. i can polish off one every night when it's hot - very dangerous. but so addictive. the best part of this dessert is the mochi - sweetened pieces of korean/japanese pastry. i can't describe it but thank me later!!

        1. re: Linda

          Hi Linda,
          Nice post on the Korean scene.
          I wish I had more time to check all the places around us out.
          The next deal on my hit list is Mekong as per ZenFoodist.
          VinSin, Once you get settled post again!! Things change very fast out here!
          Welcome to the best neighborhood in the best borough of NY !

          1. re: johnk

            i'm not too crazy about mekong, quite honestly. i've gone there after i have shopped at han ah reum strictly for convenience, but never as a destination.

            i would recommend taking a little bit of a drive to pho's on prince st near the sheraton hotel in flushing. i think this place is much better and perhaps b/c it's been around for much longer, they are very consistent. mekong i found was not as consistent.

            a tip: don't even bother to park in that tiny lot directly across the street from pho's, unless there's no cars in there and you see spots. i find that it's impossible to navigate around in that tiny lot and my temper immediately flares in there. i usually park in the huge municipal parking lot a few blocks away and simply walk.

        2. re: johnk

          Actually - I was off by a couple of blocks (but they're avenues, so they seem big.) I was referring to D'Alessandro Food Market on Hollis Ct. Blvd. just east of Utopia. Dunno if it's still around, but it was very good back in the day.

          1. re: lambretta76

            yes, d'alessandros is still there. great butcher section.

            i love both durso's and d'alessandro's, i really appreciate mom & pops places.

            1. re: Linda

              Thank you for all the great info !!!

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