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Mar 25, 2007 01:41 PM

Your favourite thing to do with jam/preserves?

I've just discovered a lovely line of fruit jams and preserves, and am dying to figure out new things to do with them. Other than the obvious (on toast, pairing some of the flavours with cheese, using as a filling in jelly cookies), what do you like to do with your jams/preserves?

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  1. Mix a heaping tsp. with Fage yogurt for breakfast.

    1. I make a gingered pear preserve (slices of pear in a ginger syrup) that one of my customers puts in her chicken salad. I've tried it and it's pretty yummy.

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      1. re: dukegirl

        in muffins and layer cakes, on toasted puond cake

      2. Chloe, will you share what the "lovely line" is? It's getting harder and harder to find jam/preserves without high fructose corn syrup anymore!

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        1. re: Val

          It's a French brand, Les Comtes de Provence. They use a relatively high percentage of fruit (the jar of pear preserves I've got now is 55%), and pure cane sugar. (The other ingredients, for the record: pear liquor, fruit pectin, lemon juice. Five ingredient labels are encouraging.)

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            Thanks...will look for it...and I do the same as Candy, put it in my Fage yogurt!

        2. Make a traditional English Jam Roly-Poly -- a brilliant vehicle for any great jam or preserves!

          1. Not exactly an everyday item, but deep-fried camembert, with a dollop of good preserves and some sprigs of deep-fried parsley-- yum. (sweet or spicy fruit preserves are both good with this!)

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