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Mar 25, 2007 01:30 PM

Are the Red Hook Ballfields running yet?

Have they opened for the season yet? I'm hungry.

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  1. Nope - just walked through there today.

    1. Oh, man, I'm right with you on this one. I can't wait until they open. I think it's safe to say that they're definately up and running by Memorial Day. Probably coincides with the soccer season?

      A simple google got me this intersting blog entry:

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      1. re: Gnu23

        Awesome link. Can't believe the NY Times article last year didn't cover the history. Oh wait, yes I can.

        1. re: bklyngrl

          So is there any chance they will be out today?
          Will someone please say if they see the vendors today?

          1. re: bolletje

            Eater posted a rumor yesterday that the vendors may be out tomorrow, Sunday, because the first adult soccer league game of the season is scheduled. But tomorrow is supposed to bring the storm of the century so I'd skip schlepping out there. They usually set up the end of April or 1st of May.

            1. re: livetotravel

              Cool, thanks.
              I'd say that today is definitely not suitable for outdoor ceviche slurping but hopefully next weekend will be better.