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Mar 25, 2007 01:19 PM

Boulder, CO - Impressive Dinner for 40

I am organizing a three day meeting in Boulder CO at the end of June for 40 executives from 25 different countries. As all of these people work in food (although not the restaurant side) and will be suffering jet lag, I want to make sure to keep the food excellent and the atmosphere interesting.

I have already booked out the Upstairs at The Kitchen for one night but I need a suggestion for another dinner. The St. Julien (where we are staying) recommended the Boulder Chophouse but it looks like a chain. Would anyone recommend that? Otherwise, please help me with suggestions of where I should be looking. Has anyone been to a private party at Frasca or Greenbriar Inn? Having never been to Boulder, this is particularly difficult...

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  1. I'd recommend the Flagstaff House, especially for a large group like this. With enough notice, you'll get your own room with a dynamite view. And, the cuisine is better than any of your other choices.

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      Assuming they are still open, maybe the Red Lion in Boulder Canyon? I have attended a couple of events their although its been 5 years or so. Nice setting a little ways up Boulder Canyon right on the creek.

      Another idea would be Gold Hill Inn. Maybe 10 miles west of Boulder. Again, have not been in a few years but great mountain setting that people from out of town would probably really appreciate. It might depend if you are arranging transportation for everyone or are looking for places in Boulder that are easy to get to? Greenbriar Inn is also a little ways outside of Boulder.

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        Frasca probably couldn't do it, tho' it wouldn't hurt to try. If you want a classic Boulder venue, try the Chautauqua Dining Hall, which does accommodate private parties.l It is set in a lovely park right at the base of the signature Flatirons formation. Splendid ambience. Chef Bradford Heap is very good but often gets overlooked when so much adoration is accorded the Pearl Street chefs. Another possibility, within short walking distance of the St. Julien, is the Hotel Boulderado. Q's is the restaurant. They do (or did) use a second-floor glassed-in restaurant for private parties -- I believe of about that size. Yes, the Flagstaff House is also an outstanding choice. They also do private parties. And yes, ColoradoFun, the gold Hill Inn is expected to be open again this summer. I am underwhelmed by their food, but the setting is terrific.

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          Claire, I may be wrong, but I think that Bradford Heap is no longer the chef at Chautauqua but I can't verify because their web site is down. The last couple of times I was at Full Moon, he was not in the kitchen there, either. I wonder if he and Rick Stein have gone their separate restaurant ways.

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            I know that Bradford Heap left Full Moon Grill some months ago and may be gone from the Chautauqua Dining Hall too. I know he's involved with Chantecler in Niwot but am not sure whether he's severed the Chautauqua ties. I didn't really think about it until you brought it up.

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            I second Q's at the Boulderado if he is able to do it. The hotel is cool, very old school Boulder and the cuisine at Q's is amazing.

      2. In answer to your original question, I would not recommend The Chophouse -- the food is decent but there's nothing original about it (it's a fairly good place to have a drink after work). I am surprised the St. Julien staff didn't recommend their own restaurant, Jill's, which they're trying to promote around here but I'm not sure how successfully, as I haven't eaten there since they first opened.

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          Thanks for all your help! And, considering that teh St. Julien has us for all the other meals, I am so glad that they didn't just recommend their own restaurant...

        2. Could The Med accommodate this size group? Their entrees/tapas menu is so great, plus terrific wines, fabulous atmosphere.....Hmmm.....

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            This thread started well over a year ago. In addition to the Med, if this question had been posed now, I would answer:

            I have heard mixed reviews about the food at the Chautauqua Dining Hall now. They don't even admit who their chef is. Flagstaff House, Jill's at the St. Julien and Q's at the Boulderado are all commendable restaurants. Gold Hill Inn is funky and fun, but there may be some logistical issues with getting 40 people up here (part of the road is unpaved). If may be difficult to arrange on such short notice, but Black Cat (walking distance of the St. Julien, so too BTW is the Boulderado) is able to turn the entire restaurant over to private parties. Erik Skokan, the owner/chef, is terrific and very accommodating.

          2. I would also recommend Q's
            beautiful venue, food always good, excellent drinks and you can take a walk to the Pearl
            Street mall.
            Frasca is an experience with 4 courses and wine pairings.
            Flagstaff has the most unique atmosphere and views