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Mar 25, 2007 12:43 PM

Local crab

For those of you searching for local crab at this time in the season, Western Boat in San Rafael has live locals for $7.99 a pound...not too bad when 99 Ranch is charging $4.50. I assume that they have fresh cooked for about $8.99.

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  1. I was out in Bodega on St. Paddy's Day. Sonoma Coast Seafood had live, local crabs then for $5.25/lb.

    1. I was pleased to note live crab in two places at the Marin Farmers Market on Sunday. Live crab did not used to be so widely available outside of Asian fish markets or from the docks (as at Western Boat). One stand was obviously a fisher-operated one, with crab in large ice chests. The other was the large seafood stand at the rear of the market which always has an amazingly wide variety of fish and seafood available. Day before yesterday they had the live crab at $4.50 a pound, a large mountain of sea urchin (a farmer's market first sighting for me) at $2.50, also live manila and little neck clams in running water tanks (do not recall price) and what I want to get next time, halibut cheeks at $16. And salmon season should be starting in a few weeks (we hope)!

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        Do you remember what they were charging for the sea urchin?

        1. re: Eugene Park

          $2.50 per lb and they were very good size.