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Mar 25, 2007 11:48 AM

Charleston SC, Weekend in May

Have never been but we are looking forward to it. Any good eats for a weekend stay? Not too Chi-Chi this time around but looking for quality eats. Seafood to Q to Local fare. Thanks much for any suggestions.

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  1. I have a lot of recs for you, bear with me:

    39 Rue De Jean - it's a nice restaurant, but still very laid back and frenchie. Great burgers and (oddly enough) really good sushi.

    Joseph's - Good breakfast and lunch spot.

    FIG - fresh, fresh and very good.

    The Wreck (mt. pleasant) - I havn't been here but plan on going very soon. Supposed to be very good seafood.

    Gelateria Modica - Some of the best gelato I've had outside of Italy. Skip their "food" though and just get the gelato.

    check out and for other ideas.

    Jestine's is very popular for low country cooking, but I havn't gone, though I know many people prefer Boulevard Diner. Burbage's Self-Service has really good pimiento cheese. Basil is good thai. If I think of more I'll post them.

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      SNOB is reliably good. The steak house in the Market Pavillion Hotel is a great room and excellent food. There is also a seafood restaurant right next door to 39 Rue De Jean that is really good as well. I am just blanking on the name.

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        The seafood place next to Rue De Jean that 'phneale' is referring to is called COAST...a really great place for outdoor dining-- its in an old indigo warehouse
        p.s. there are tons of posts on this topic if you do a search for charleston

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        This is a good time of year to visit The Wreck. Their dining room is basically a screen porch and will be hot during the summer. We were there Saturday evening and the fried fish was outstanding. The oysters were good as were the shrimp and scallops. Had a bowl of fish (or was it seafood) stew. I'd skip it next time. Was overpowered by some herb flavor. The banana pudding was good, the Key lime bread pudding, something you don't see everyday, was enjoyable as well. The servers were young and inexperienced but very pleasant. Go early. We arrived just before 6pm and were seated promptly. But the room was full five minutes later. When we left there were about ten people waiting for tables.

      3. I had, without a doubt, one of the best meals of my life at Fulton Five. The service was great, the dining room small but in a good way, the food excellent, the wine superb. Our waiter suggested a bottle that wasn't on the menu, had just come in, and gave it to us for the price of the bottle we were considering from the menu. Found out later that we got at Fulton Five that bottle of wine for just $10 more than what it would've been at the wine shop. The waiter also did a great job of timing the service so that we finished up our wine just before dessert. The dining room is well thought out with small enough tables and enough noise dampening that you don't have to shout at your dining companion. And, in case you thought I forgot, the food was great too. We shared an appetizer that was a salad with air cured beef. It was so good it made me try to make my own version a few weeks later. Both our main courses were excellent, I had a pork dish and he had steak. And the dessert we shared was great - luxurious without being too heavy and rich.

        It'll set you back a fair bit, though, so maybe it's too "chi-chi"?

        Rue de Jean was good, but so so loud the night we went.

        1. Raval on King St, across from Fish, for a glass of wine and a tapa or two before dinner. 39 Rue de Jean is right around the corner too.

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            If you have filled up in Charleston, you can venture over to Mount Pleasant (Shem Creek), there's a place called Water's Edge that I have always enjoyed. You can sit out on the deck overlooking the water, and watch all the boats coming in. The portions are small, but always good. I usually get the filet and grilled shrimp or scallops. Nice relaxing time, never hurried. Have a nice visit!