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Boom Breakfast

This just opened up on St Clair W. Went by it today and it was packed.

I understand they have one on College. Can anyone enlighten me to what's good?


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  1. Boom on College is one of my favourite breakfast places. Mikeb, what cross street is it at on St. Clair?

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      It's on the NE corner of St Clair W & Glenholme, halfway between Oakwood and Dufferin.

    2. Ate there once this year. It was good, but not great. Nice little neighbourhood spot, but no more.

      1. I would have to say that the breakfast there is horrible. They use frozen seasoned wedge potatoes as homefries. Their pancakes are too sweet.

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          I like it pre-work during the week. Too crowded on the weekend. It's your classic breakfast special, done quickly and competently.

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            Saw a picture of their food on their website. Doesn't look great.

            And, of course, all of those cutesy puns on the word "egg".

            Not the place I would go for a fry-up, that's for sure.

          2. It's a tremendous boon to fans of bland breakfasts.

            1. Can't say it was one of my faves. Waited a long time and breakfast was pretty ordinary.

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                Roasted tomatoes were great! I wish I could say the same for everything else. Are there any other spots that give you a roasted tomato with your meal?

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                  I had the tofu salad and it was perfect! And a side of fries, which were also great. Soft on the inside with a nice seasoning. The tofu salad was mixed greens, strawberries, blueberries, cashews, almonds, bits of silken tofu. The menu said grilled tofu, that's not what I got but it was great anyhow. Very long lineup on the weekend, bring a book.

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                    Anyone know when the location at yonge and Eglinton opens? I walked by today and they had things on the tables (ie ketchup) but it didnt say it if had officially opened or not

                    1. re: jaxie81

                      where exactly is it going to open? i can't recall seeing this, even though i work in the area...

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                        It's gone in where Meggie's used to be -- the north side of Eglinton, a few blocks west of Yonge (just west of Edith Drive).

              2. Oh my, I can't say anything good about Boom on College, except that the staff are nice. Their "home fries" are awful, preseasoned wedges that taste very frozen and ARE NOT home fries. Everything else is very average verging on not good and it all tastes like it comes from a can/package/frozen food bag. And it's expensive! They advertise a $3.99 breakfast, but that is only eggs, "home fries" and toast. Add coffee, juice and meat and suddenly you're up to $9.00-ish. Quite the rip. There are so many other great breakfast places in town, don't bother with Boom.

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                  yep... i recognized their "homefries" as frozen cavendish wedges that i used to heat up at home...

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                    I have to agree. My wife and I had a less than stellar breakfast on College a year or so ago. I was also shocked at the add-ons on the bill, which is, of course, computerized. The owner was somewhat sympathetic and managed to reduce it a bit. Still...quite mediocre fare. It makes you wonder why everyone lines up for it????

                  2. I'm with some of the other posters...I wish I could say great things about Boom, but I didn't have the best experience there. I went to the St. Clair location on a weekend, which meant it was really packed - resulting in grouchy servers and an overwhelmingly unpleasant atmosphere. The food was alright, but I didn't think it particularly made up for dealing with everything else...

                    Though, not to say that it's Boom's *fault* that it was so busy - but I was shocked at the staff's reactions to the crowds. Their stress made my friends and I feel really uncomfortable.