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Mar 25, 2007 11:23 AM


Have a reservation at Range next week. Never been. Suggestions? Thoughts?
just noticed the previous post.

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  1. A search showed that this is the latest thread?

    A quick report:

    I headed over to Range last evening and took a place at the bar -- the only place available for a single as all the tables were booked. That's okay because it allowed for banter with the bartender. He started me with a 'cocktail du jour' which was a blend of gin, pernod, a dash of bitters, and a topping of Champage. It was served in a Champage glass with a large twist of orange and was quite nice and refreshing.

    For a first course, I started with the asparagus with sieved egg, vermont aged cheddar and herb dressing. There is a Frugal Gourmet recipe I've always liked with asparagus, egg, and oyster mushrooms and this reminded me a lot of that dish, just without the mushrooms. A reasonably nice start but too reminiscent of something I can make easily myself.

    Foregoing the tradition of wine with a meal, I put myself in the bartender's hands and, indicating I was a fan of gin, was offered up a Green Lantern made with Hendrick’s gin, viognier, kiwi, and lime juice. This was a fabulous drink and was served with Petrale sole with melted leeks, hen of the woods mushrooms and grain mustard butter. This was a very weird dish. I ordered it because the combination of leeks and mushrooms is a big one with me but the addition of grain mustard gave it an odd, piquant flavor. Also, the leek/butter emulsion was a bit too thick and pasty.

    Again, putting myself in my server's care, I instructed him to serve me his dessert and pairing of choice. I was served crêpes with Garnett cherries, red wine sauce and crème fraîche ice cream alonside Moscato D'Asti. There were two crêpes which were still warm from being made fresh to order. The cherries were split in half and a nice pairing with the Moscato. After tip, this was a $100 meal.

    The odd part was that immediately upon exiting the restaurant, I could smell Dosa across the street and for a fraction of an instant, I was hungry. I walked for a bit and bought a book in a local bookstore and wandered into 20 minutes of an avant garde film festival. 45 minutes later, my mouth was hungry again. I knew I was full but psychologically, I was not sated from Range's food. The cocktails were stunning and the service top-notch, but the food was hardly memorable or that impressive. Granted, there was a woman sitting next to me who got the roast chicken and THAT smelled divine. But I doubt I'll return...

    1. I actually just went last week and it was very good. Expertly prepared dishes with a great balance of flavors. Desserts I know are supposed to be great but I was hugely disappointed.