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Mar 25, 2007 11:05 AM

Cuba restaurant on thompson???

Has anyone tried this place? I'm considering it for a birthday party for 16 people, (some kids ages 10 - 16). The live musice and cigars sound like nice touches that my crowd might go for, but how's the food? The reviews i've read elsewhere are so mixed in the extreme, it's hard to tell. I'd appreciate any details. Thanks.

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  1. oh, and forgot to add, any recommendations for similar atmosphere/food? Live music (salsa, cuban, samba, etc. sounds fun) in particular?

    1. I ate there and thought the food was really tasty. If I remember correctly the service was friednly as well. Small place. I would go back.

      1. I loved it! What's better than a restaurant that serves PITCHERS of mojitos and the best ropa vieja in town, that's IN the cutest neighborhood in town!!? Totally recommended.

        Afterwards, if you want a change of venue and do like the whole Spanish vibe, music, drinks, etc...check out "Baraza" in the East Village...great drinks, music and atmosphere!