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Mar 25, 2007 10:28 AM

la contessa closing...

sad to report that come easter, the la contessa bakery in davis square will close and be replace by a sushi bar. so, if you love their cannolis and pizza gaina as much as i do, get down there before the 8th.

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  1. Oh no! Any reason why? They have really good cannolis and half moons. Annette's family has owned that bakery for two or three generations.

    1. oh, that's not good news at all...

      1. wah! I read this after seeing the sign and the shop all closed up already.
        anyone know of other bakeries that make my favorite bakery confection,
        the pink, green, and yellow layered rectangles with jam in between?
        which I think are called neapolitan cookies, or maybe venetian cookies, or
        maybe italian wedding cookies or rainbow cookies?

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        1. re: pekmez

          this is heart-breaking news...not that they were the best biscotti, but I still liked the small, 50-cent, oversweet biscotti they made...and I liked seeing the oldtimers at the cafe tables chatting over their coffees. Sounds like their 10-yr lease expired and they got a several hundred $ rent increase and only an offer of a month-by-month. On top of slow business, I guess it was just too much. Let's be sure to keep going to Lyndell's so we don't lose them too.

          1. re: iss

            Progress stinks, doesn't it? I like the old-fashioned places.

            my blog:

            1. re: iss

              I agree, although my waistline isn't so sure, that we ought to keep going to Lyndell's. However, their situation is quite different since they own the building at 720 Broadway so no danger of losing the lease. Lyndell's would be a real loss, though, since their chow is actually good...

              1. re: DavisSquare

                Ummm, I just walked by La Contessa about 20 minutes ago and the cases were full, the lights were on, and there were employees in the shop.

                1. re: Steve L

                  From the local Alderman ( as of April 6:

                  "La Contessa
                  There has been wide speculation that La Contessa is leaving Davis Square. I am concerned about small, locally owned businesses leaving Davis Square and a business like this one is one of a kind. I spoke at length with the owners and the deal is not completely done yet. More to come on this issue."

                  1. re: Steve L

                    they're open throught the end of april.