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Mar 25, 2007 09:39 AM

In need for a "perfect all the time" pot roast recipe

I am making dinner for 30 people and need something that will appeal to everyone's taste and is just good home cooking. Also let me know the cut of meat that you recommend. Thanks.

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  1. I always have great results with Sara Moultons Yankee Pot Roast, boneless chuck from a good meat market.. try to google on Foon Network.

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      Alton Brown's pot roast, which is cooking foil with a minimum of extra liquid, is good one. It should scale up to 30 people well - just make more pouches. The only messy part is searing the chuck roast steaks at the start. For that many people I would be tempted to skip the searing step, and just make the seasonings a bit richer.

      I like to use chuck roast from Sams Club for this, either the thinner 1/2" thick slices, or the 2" thick ones. Alton recommends the chuck roast with bone in, the so called 7 bone, but for your purposes boneless pieces are easier to use.

      If you have enough well sealed dutch ovens you could use these in place of the foil packets.


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        I checked the food network website, and there is no recipe for Sara's Yankee pot roast. Would you post the recipe, or link me to the one you have.

      2. Cook's Illustrated's recipe is the best pot roast I've ever had. It is incredibly moist, not stringy...just fantastic. They recommend the "chuck eye" which you usually need to ask for specifically. Do you have a membership to CI's website? You can find the recipe there. If not, email to and I'll send you the recipe.

        1. My tried-and-true is "Lisa's Lazy Pot Roast" from Bruce Aidell's "Meat" cookbook. I use a tied boneless chuck. The Cook's recipe is good too, but more time-consuming and complicated.

          1. I like the guinness pot roast from cuisine magazine... you use guinness beer to help tenderize the beef and use crushed pretzles to thicken the sauce... there is no strong beer taste... I believe I posted the recipe before on this site... you might want to search for pot roast in general.