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Mar 25, 2007 09:34 AM

Great food...I need your recommendations!

I'll be visiting D.C. on an upcoming weekend and I want to eat great stuff when I'm there. I'm staying at the hostel on the corner of 11th St. NW and K St. NW and I'm not that familiar with the area. I'm looking for places that aren't too expensive, but I'm willing to splurge on something spectacular. I'll venture to surrounding neighborhoods, as long at they're Metro-accessible. I'm especially interested in great bakeries -- European-style breads and pastries -- but I'm lookg for recommendations for breakfast, lunch and dinner! And good hole-in-the-wall bars too...
I know it's a tall order, but where do you usually take friends who are visiting from out of town?

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  1. how long are you going to be in town? 2 nights? 3 nights? days?

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      Scroll through this board over the last 2 weeks -- there have been a couple of thorough discussions on recommendations for visiting CHers (NY Chowhound, LA Chowhound, etc.). Enjoy your stay!

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        I'll be in town for two nights (Friday and Saturday, leaving Sunday afternoon). I went to a good sushi place in Dupont Circle last year...though I don't recall the name now. I've also read some good things about Pesce on this board so I'll check that out. I'm still looking for bakery and bar suggestions....I'll take bourdeauxfan's advice and search some more. But I'd still welcome some advice from you D.C.ers!

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          What kind of bar are you looking for? Also, the best bakery in town is only open on weekdays (Breadline)

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            Folks, please keep in mind that we have a narrow focus- to share tips on where to find great chow. Discussion of bars is off topic for our site, unless you are discussing bars with great pub grub.

            1. re: The Chowhound Team

              Of course. And that's why we have a bunch of boards dedicated to alcohol and the consumption thereof *rolls eyes*

          2. re: skydawny

            For your bakery fix, try Bonaparte's pastries and croissants at the Dupont Circle farmers' market Sunday morning from 9 a.m. to noon or so. Very good in a French way, but *very* buttery, if that's your thing.

            1. re: MartyL

              Yes, buttery IS my thing! Thanks!
              Scones are also my thing....