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Mar 25, 2007 09:34 AM

Soda Bread Dough Dilemma

I'm fairly good about making yeast breads and make them quite often...but I've never made a soda bread before now. My question was how sticky should the dough be? Mine seemed so well, but I followed the instructions exactly. Any advice?

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  1. The soda bread that I make is very sticky when in dough form. My recipe says you should shape it into ball with your hands when transfering it from the mixing bowl to the pan, but it is so sticky that I just move it with a wooden spoon as otherwise I'd lose half of the batter between my fingers. The other quick breads I've made are also very sticky--more like a thick cake or cookie batter than a yeast dough. I'll bet yours will turn out fine. My opinion on this type of thing is that if you have to err in one direction, less flour is better than more. Thanks!

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    1. re: Laura D.

      I agree with Laura D - my soda bread dough is very, very sticky also

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        Ok...well I added a bit of flour to firm it up so it was easier to shape (maybe a mistake) but it seemed to turn out fine. I find most bread to be forgiving (sometimes). Thanks for your help.

    2. Be sure to flour your hands well before attempting to touch the dough.
      Plop it onto your floured sheet pan or parchment & hand shape from there.
      You could always try a loaf pan, although non-traditional...
      Soda bread is most often found covered with a flour coating on the outside.
      I wouldn't add too miuch more flour as you'll affect the final texture too much.

      Best of luck & happy baking!

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      1. re: dbug31

        I actually go the other way and WET my hands before handling the dough. Never have a sticking problem.