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Mar 25, 2007 08:44 AM

Un-Chowed Treasures?

What's your favorite place that you have *not* seen mentioned (or mentioned very little) on Chowhound? And yes, I expect responses to abide by the usual "no national chians" rule. I'm just looking for great places that haven't been mentioned on here. Heck, you can do a search on your candidate before posting, and check how often or if it has been mentioned!

The goal here is to perhaps scare up some under-appreciated or overlooked gems. Everybody has their "usual suspects" list that one mentions reflexively. For example, some have noted that my answer to a lot of Chowhound questions is "Ras Doobie!" What can I say, I like the place, and the man. But for this thread, my hope is to nudge all of us out of our normal "go to" lists, and to see if we can rediscover some old faves, or get some attention for deserving up and comers that haven''t gotten into our collective "regular rotation".

For a start, I'll mention "Viva La Raza" for good "I'm the only person speaking English here" Mexican in Glen Burnie - an alternative to the better-known La Sirenita and El Salto. Yes, it's been mentioned on Chowhound a couple of times, but mostly in references to "What went into the place where Shaking Duck Butt used to be?"

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  1. Seldom mentioned: Dusit Thai in Wheaton for twice-cooked duck appetizer and the seafood talay, Lucia's (right across the street) for excellent Italian subs (skip the soggy pizza), and The Corner Slice in Bethesda for very decent NY-style pizza.

    1. I have not seen much mentioning of House of Emperors in Ashburn. This Chiese place had changed of ownership around May/June last year. Even since then, the place has new decor, new menu, and has becaome my new favorite! Traditional, authentic dishes serves by friendly staff. (I swear they are not paying me :P) I go there whenever I'm homesick...

      1. I like La Fuente, a Salvadoran restaurant on Rte. 1 at Powder Mill Rd. in Beltsville. Of course, I don't get out much near my lab for work, and that's about all I've tried in the area.

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        1. re: AlyKen

          What do you recommend at La Fuente? I've driven by there many times but never stopped in.

          (This is because when I'm in that area, I'm usually on my way to Myoung Dong, Gah Rahm, Da Rae Won, or Pho Vn One, all of which are within a few blocks from there).

          1. re: alopez

            I usually get plantanos and a couple of pupusas. They also have burritos and such, that my coworker used to swear by. Unfortunately, you can only use a credit card when your purchase is over $10.

        2. Los Amigos on Harford Rd in Baltimore.

          ( i apologize if this has been posted )

            1. re: kabrown

              Max's on University Boulevard in Wheaton, for overstuffed pitas with schwarma or felafetl (1/2 pita sandwich will fill up just about anyone). Closed on Saturdays!

              1. re: Marissa

                I tried out La Fuente for lunch based on your recommendations. I work off of Powder Mill Road so it wasn't far at all. I was pleasantly suprised! My co-worker and I walked in and the place was dead. I figured that it would be busy considering the reviews it's gotten here. I ordered the Pollo Encelbollado - a boneless chicken breast dusted with spices and topped with sauteed onions, diced tomatoes and cajun butter. It was served with rice and salad but I opted for double salad since I'm trying to watch my carbs. It was very good! Seasoned just enough to let you know that there were spices there but not soo much that a drink was needed after each bite. My coworker ordered the beef burrito which is served with rice and salad. He said that it was good, it looked delicious and the portion was huge. I will definitely go again, thanks for the recommendation Chowhounders!

                ETA: There's a Carribean place across Rte. 1 from La Fuente. Has anyone been there?

                1. re: lrebetsky0423

                  The Carribean place is Dunn's River. It's ok. The best place in that shopping center, by far, is Myoung Dong, a Korean noodle place. Avoid Hogs on the Hill.

                  1. re: alopez

                    Perhaps I should add: I've eaten at just about all of the Carribean places along that strip of Rt. 1 and I haven't found anything to write home about. Nothing really stands out. However, if you head down to the Beltway and take a ten minute drive over to 450, there's an excellent place called Just Jerk, which I originally heard about from another thread on chowhound.

                    If anyone has any recommendations for specific dishes at the various Carribean places, I'd love to hear about it.

                    1. re: alopez

                      I actually saw Just Jerk when I was driving by last Thursday. I'm not a fan a overly spiced foods so I'm not sure I'd like that. Are most Carribean dishes spicy?

                      1. re: lrebetsky0423

                        I thought Just Jerk was less spicy/hot and more tasty than most. I agree that they're very good and it's nice to see a good chow place in that otherwise desolate area - hopefully others will follow.

                  2. re: Marissa

                    Amen to Max's falafel! They have a plethora of pickles and other exciting toppings.!