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Mar 25, 2007 08:29 AM

Casual family dinner near Hyde Park Corner tube?

My family and I will be in London in May staying at the Intercontinental near the Hyde Park Corner tube. My English in-laws will be coming in from Kent for an early dinner on a Saturday night. The dinner is the night before we leave London very early the next morning so it needs to be as close to the hotel/convenient as possible. I've searched the boards and can't find anything withing 1/2 mile. We were trying to avoid taxis just to keep it simple. Any reasonably priced ideas?

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  1. you have one of the best chefs in london at work in the intercontinental...theo randall. (formerly of the river cafe.) can't get more convenienent than that! it won't be cheap, but....

    1. There are a few places not far from the hotel which would be good. Automat on Dover St. has good burgers and salads (although the food is American, and if you are too then that's probably of less interest). I also like El Pirata a lot -- it's on Down St. and serves tapas in a rustic, busy place. (You need to reserve, and be sure to ask to sit on the ground level, not in the basement.) Noura, on Curzon St. is on my list of places to try -- they serve Lebanese food. You might also want to look up The Little Square on Shepherd Market, again, on my list.

      1. for a casual family dinner 'pizza on the park' should be be great - you could even catch some jazz in the basement. for something a bit more pricey, 'the wolsley', could be good too.

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          Pizza on the Park is probably your best bet in that area - Pizza Express pizzas so quality is OK, and pretty well priced. It's a nice space and walkable from the hotel. Otherwise you could explore Shepherd Market as suggested above...