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Mar 25, 2007 08:26 AM

breakfast and lunch in Rockville?

Looking for a relaxed, casual place to have good food for both breakfast and lunch in Rockville or immediate environs. No chains, please... unless....

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  1. If you want a great Jewish Deli, try Brooklyn's Deli on Darnstown Rd in Rockville/N. Potomac accross from Shady Grove Hospital. I bit cramped but that's what adds to the theme.

    1. if you like japanese food, you should check out temari in rockville. its small and cozy, very relaxed, delicious home-style japanese food (rice bowls, ramens). its on rte 355 in a little strip mall.

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        It's a chain, but Original Pancake House in Rockville does serve a good breakfast. Joe's Noodle House is a favorite for authentic szechuan chinese, but it's very basic; also, Seven Seas for chinese is slightly more upscale.

        1. re: Marissa

          Why don't you try Addies on Rockville Pike- delicious and they have outdoor seating.

      2. A few more breakfast ideas for you:

        Ambrosia in the Montrose Crossing center behind Old Navy, has typical breakfast fare.

        For something a little different, there is Marie's on Halpine next to Congressional Shopping center for sweet and savory Chinese pastries.

        Also consider El Patio on Twinbrook just off 355 -- they have all sorts of quiches and empanadas and also have hot and cold sandwiches at lunch (I don't think they open until 9 a.m.).

        I'd also add Urban BBQ, Lebanese Taverna, A&J and Crisp & Juicy to your ideas for lunches.

        1. Vit Goel for very good soondooboo. Temari and Joe's Noodle House are also good suggestions.