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Sweet Bliss Indeed!!

I was reminded of the cinnamon buns at Sweet Bliss by a small write-up in the Star this morning. Even though the few things I've had there didn't impress me, I thought I'ld try again. I bought three buns and when they were handed to me THEY WERE STILL WARM. Most of the three survived the trip home and I must say they surpassed my expectations. Not overly sweet, and absolutely delicious. I would definitely go again. Would be great with a mid-morning tea or coffee. They make four hundred of them,but I think you have to get there early to get some.

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  1. Sweet Bliss is fantastic (and half a block from my house, which can be tempting). I was glad to see the write-up in the Star today, they obviously work hard there and deserve all the business they can handle.

    1. Is it true that they only make them on the weekend? I've been dying to try them out.

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        Yes sadly it's true, they only make them Sat. and Sun. ( thank God for small mercies!) Also, they have to be eaten very soon, they don't keep well. That's if they make it all the way home!! I was there about 9.30 on Sunday and there was a line up behind me.

      2. I'm surprised it's taken this long to see anything written about Sweet Bliss. Saturday mornings last summer often started with a walk down to Sweet Bliss for one of their delightful cinnamon buns or scones and some coffee. So tasty, with the walk in part justifying the treat.

        I'll often stop by before weekend trips to see the grandparents to pickup a box of 6-8 squares, cupcakes, tarts....mmm....

        My favorites are...
        - Cinnamon buns (What a steal at $1.50 for a giant bun)
        - Strawberry scones. They only have these in season and are better than the blueberry ones which seem to show up more often.
        - Fruit tarts
        - Just about any of their squares
        - Jam filled butter cookies

        The only slight disappointment was their red velvet cake which was a bit dry around the outer edges, although it was in the fridge for a few hours before eating (per instructions). Flavour was good, just a bit dry. There was only icing on top and between layers to showcase the red velvet. Perhaps some simple syrup around the outer edges would help.

        Anyways, if you're in the area, it's a must try.


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          Actually, Sweet Bliss has been referred to quite a lot; perhaps you missed the posts.

          Here are quite a few threads going back some time.


          Glad you, too, have been enjoying them.

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            Ah yes...I think I need to spend more time on Chowhound. At one point I was reading pretty much every post, but that was in the old Chowhound days with the old layout (and 2 min load time).

        2. I love how they decorate their cake - just putting thick icing between the layers and on top - it is so lovely and homey looking. I love the chocolate cupcakes and at 1.75 each they are a steal compared to places like the cupcake shoppe at Yonge and Eglinton. Plus they use the old fashioned butter/icing sugar icing like my mom makes. Very Very nice.

          1. Went there this morning, right after the 9:30 opening. Short line. Nice place, great feel to it, busy but courteous and friendly service.
            Ordered a sampler of cinnamon bun, starwberry scone, blondie, butter tart, lemon loaf for the family to try.
            Here's the strange part.
            We thought EVERYTHING was great.......EXCEPT the much praised Cinnamon buns, which we found too chewy, not moist enough and kind of blah. They were still warmish when we got them, so that wasn't the problem.
            Could they have made a bad batch? Or do we not like Sweet Treats cinnamon buns? Everything else was pretty darn tasty. Strawberry Scone especially light and flaky.
            Will have to go back again to check :):):) They seem like nice people.

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              It's true. The scones are amazing, and there are always different incarnations... Blueberry peach is my favourite.

            2. After the rave reviews of the cinnamon buns, we decided to try it this morning. Unfortunately, we were not impressed. I mean it's tasty and all, but a little heavy on the sugar and not enough cinnamon. And they were not very giant.

              Unless we were given the wrong buns, Altitude Bakery one block east of Sweet Bliss still holds my vote for the best cinnamon buns.

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                I tried the cinnamon buns for the first time this morning. I was doubting whether or not I'd be able to get one, as I heard of lines by 9:30, but I strolled in around 1:00 and they still had loads of them available. It was good, but heavy and dry and had far too much sugar. The middle turned out to be a 1 inch cubed hunk of sugar and cinnamon. I far prefer the cinnamon buns at Altitude as well, which are delightfully creamy and delicious. Furthermore, I'm amazed that Sweet Bliss is only open four days a week and manages to stay in business; I'm quite happy with Altitude as I can get their fantastic muffins and cupcakes any day except Sundays.

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                  I must say that I think the cinnamon buns are not as good as they used to be. Perhaps this is owing to the great quantities in which they now seem to be making them. As far as I remember, they used to be open more than the four days.

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                    What we found *was great* at Sweet Bliss was the double-crust lemon pie. The crusts (both upper and lower) were flaky and tasty, and the lemon filling was like a creamier version of the lemon torte filling that Verveine used to serve. Had some good tangy zest, but balanced out nicely with the cream. So head to Altitude for cinnamon buns for breakfast and top of dinner with the pie from Sweet Bliss.

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                    I don't even bother with Altitude anymore. We've starting calling them Attitude based on the way they act like they're doing you a favour for selling you stuff. Don't even bother making any special requests - they don't want your business! I've taken to going all the way to cabbagetown and Daniel et Daniel when I need pastries....

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                      Is it typically bad? I've only been a small handful of times, and while the staff was quite nice to me, one morning the owner was there and she seemed a bit obnoxious. I complimented her on her delicious muffins and her response seemed almost offensive, but I wasn't sure if it might possibly be just me or if I was reading too much into things.

                      1. re: vorpal

                        I guess it happened to me several times, enough that I stopped going. it's been happening to too many of my favourites - there, Kubo, and I _so_ want to like Eddie Levesque's but the service is just consistently awful... Thank goodness for Gio's and Tomi-Kro.

                        1. re: kellytoronto

                          Hmm, has anyone mentioned Sweet Bliss's spanakopita yet? Buddy who runs the shop is Greek, and it is goooooood. One time i asked for it, and he smiled and said, "You're so lucky, it just came out of the oven" and rushed to get me a few pieces.

                          They don't often have it, but when they do, grab it.

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                            I don't know about their spanakopita, but the first time I accidentally stumbled across Sweet Bliss on a weekend in a snack fit, I purchased some of their phyllo pastry treats. I believe one was sweet potato and apples with leeks and I can't recall what the other was, and while they were pricey given the portions, they were utterly divine. If you feel the need to hit up this location (I found their muffins to be dry and while appetizing, far better elsewhere, and same with their cinnamon buns) I feel that you can't do much wrong with their phyllo fare.

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                            We *used* to call them "attitude" as well a couple of years ago. I had assumed that they had changed hands since, because the service on weekends is now friendly, polite and helpful. Sometimes one of the young girls (I assume part-time-student-type-staff) are a little clued out or under-caffeinated, but there is a decided lack of snark on the premises these days.

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                          I agree with the Attitude with Altitude. I have blacklisted Attitude from my wallet.I usually go out of my way to support local businesses in my neighbourhood but they have burned me too many times with their lack of courtesy. Their baked goods are great but their cusomer service is non existent. I guess they make most of their money with business to business sales and they just don't really care about walk-ins......anyway, with so many great bakeries in Leslieville we have lots of other places to visit....

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                            Interesting. I've found the service at Altitude from the current (female) staff to be generally okay, if sometimes slow. But many of their offerings have become too sweet for my palate.

                            I was often annoyed by the attitude of by the previous (largely male) staff, but found the baking (though it was the same types of cake/pie as they sell now) more to my taste. They were much cheaper in the past - they may have been charging wholesale prices in the shop. They aren't exorbitantly expensive, but they are no longer a bargain spot.

                            1. re: embee

                              embee, welcome back!!! I was starting to get worried :)

                    2. We're in the 'hood and go to Sweet Bliss weekly. But here's the thing: their cinnamon buns are good, but not faaaabulous IMHO. Certainly not worth the drive if you don't live close by. But the CUPCAKES are. I'm not a cupcake person, or didn't think so, until I tried a cupcake from Sweet Bliss. So, check them out.

                      I love this place especially because, although they generally make similar items each week, they use different ingredients. So one week might be all strawberries, and the next is lemon and ginger. Yummmmmm.

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                        the cupcakes are indeed divine. their homemade granola is also fantastic sprinkled on yogurt. i try to get there at least once per week, usually walking over on the weekends.

                      2. Does anyone know the stores hours? I drive by it everyday on my way home from work and it always appears closed on weekdays? All I see are the white gates?

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                          I think right now they are open only four days Thursday to Sunday. Not sure of the actual hours, but I know they're not open late.

                        2. I too thought the cinammon buns were good but not great, but this Sunday's blueberry cheesecake bun was the most original and tastiest baked good I have purchased in a long time! I'm sure they don't do those all the time though...

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                            Unfortunately, my Sweet Bliss experience is similiar to "KellyToronto" and "Vorpal"- bad. The treats are okay, but the service is not. The service we received today was among the worst ever. I am sure they are not concerned, but my dollars will no longer be spent there. Sad.

                            1. re: shocked

                              Do you mind telling us what happened?

                              1. re: Full tummy

                                I called to order a slab cake, for an upcoming event. Originally when I called, I told the cake would cost between X and Y. When I went to order the cake, the price was higher than Y. I asked why a simple slab cake (I just wanted writing on it) would cost more than a similar order of cupcakes. The phone went dead. I called back, phone went dead again. Finding it bizarre, I called back a third time, and asked if there was a problem with their phone- she said No, I am just sick of you. Click again.
                                When my husband called back to ask for an apology, Sweet Bliss used various profanities telling him where to go. Shocking talk, really. Reading the rest of this post, it seems like other people have had poor "customer service" moments there too....
                                Its a shame, as some of their products are good.

                                1. re: shocked

                                  i have no idea where you're gleaning that other people have had poor customer service moments... everyone mentions fine or good service thus far. poor food quality on the other hand...

                                  not to demean your experience with that point, but it does suck that that happened. i can't imagine why anyone would resort to profanities when operating a business.

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                                    Note that KellyToronto and I were talking about the bakery a block east, Altitude, in our service comments :-), and not Sweet Bliss. I've been to both a number of times, and found Sweet Bliss to always be friendly. Then again, I've only bought pies and cupcakes and what not from them - sort of box and go stuff - so I've never had to make any specific requests like you did.

                                    Altitude, I've found, tends to have very lukewarm service, but I prefer the baked goods there, and they carry bread (Ace, I believe?) and great Montreal-style bagels, which is a huge plus for me. Also, I love their pecan tarts! Yummy! Too small for two, and too big for one, it's the perfect major pig out sugar rush treat.

                            2. I tried one of those cinnamon buns. It was truly vile. Dry, pasty dough with little taste. Gritty (and oversweet) glop on top. Needed water desperately, not just for the sugar topping, but to get rid of the taste. Service, OTOH, was fine.

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                              1. re: embee

                                i picked up another one yesterday afternoon and have no idea how this was so different than my previous experiences. the dough was meh in flavour but grossly chewy and incredibly tough. very very disappointed. i couldn't make it past two bites. darn it!

                                service was great.

                                1. re: pinstripeprincess

                                  I must admit to also being disappointed with the cinnamon buns the last two times I got them. I didn't find the few other things I had tried there to be particularly good, so I guess I wont be going back. The people were great and I wish them well, but it will be without my money!

                              2. where can I try this out?
                                I live round st andrew station

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                                  xdorax, you would need to visit Sweet Bliss Bake Shop in the east end at Queen and Leslie.

                                2. I went to Sweet Bliss based on all the praise given to the bakery, however when I tried their cupcake and butter tart--- unfortunately it didn't live up to the hype.

                                  I will give them the benefit of the doubt--perhaps they were having an off day. I was disappointed to see that their butter tart crusts were burnt. In addition, my cupcake was squished into a small white paper bag. I don't know why the counter help there decided to package it this way because it ruined the cupcake's appearance and it left a lot of smeared buttercream in the bag. The cupcake (I chose a chocolate cupcake with chocolate buttercream) itself was moist but nothing outstanding and the buttercream was much too sweet

                                  I'll give this bakery another chance and hope for the best when I try their cinnamon bun.

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                                    Personally, I found the last time I had their Cinnamon buns, they weren't all that great. They were much smaller than in the beginning and the sugar and cinnamon on them was not melted, it was just plopped on top. That was last year, so if you do try them, let us know please.