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Mar 25, 2007 08:22 AM

Sweet Bliss Indeed!!

I was reminded of the cinnamon buns at Sweet Bliss by a small write-up in the Star this morning. Even though the few things I've had there didn't impress me, I thought I'ld try again. I bought three buns and when they were handed to me THEY WERE STILL WARM. Most of the three survived the trip home and I must say they surpassed my expectations. Not overly sweet, and absolutely delicious. I would definitely go again. Would be great with a mid-morning tea or coffee. They make four hundred of them,but I think you have to get there early to get some.

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  1. Sweet Bliss is fantastic (and half a block from my house, which can be tempting). I was glad to see the write-up in the Star today, they obviously work hard there and deserve all the business they can handle.

    1. Is it true that they only make them on the weekend? I've been dying to try them out.

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        Yes sadly it's true, they only make them Sat. and Sun. ( thank God for small mercies!) Also, they have to be eaten very soon, they don't keep well. That's if they make it all the way home!! I was there about 9.30 on Sunday and there was a line up behind me.

      2. I'm surprised it's taken this long to see anything written about Sweet Bliss. Saturday mornings last summer often started with a walk down to Sweet Bliss for one of their delightful cinnamon buns or scones and some coffee. So tasty, with the walk in part justifying the treat.

        I'll often stop by before weekend trips to see the grandparents to pickup a box of 6-8 squares, cupcakes, tarts....mmm....

        My favorites are...
        - Cinnamon buns (What a steal at $1.50 for a giant bun)
        - Strawberry scones. They only have these in season and are better than the blueberry ones which seem to show up more often.
        - Fruit tarts
        - Just about any of their squares
        - Jam filled butter cookies

        The only slight disappointment was their red velvet cake which was a bit dry around the outer edges, although it was in the fridge for a few hours before eating (per instructions). Flavour was good, just a bit dry. There was only icing on top and between layers to showcase the red velvet. Perhaps some simple syrup around the outer edges would help.

        Anyways, if you're in the area, it's a must try.


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          Actually, Sweet Bliss has been referred to quite a lot; perhaps you missed the posts.

          Here are quite a few threads going back some time.

          Glad you, too, have been enjoying them.

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            Ah yes...I think I need to spend more time on Chowhound. At one point I was reading pretty much every post, but that was in the old Chowhound days with the old layout (and 2 min load time).

        2. I love how they decorate their cake - just putting thick icing between the layers and on top - it is so lovely and homey looking. I love the chocolate cupcakes and at 1.75 each they are a steal compared to places like the cupcake shoppe at Yonge and Eglinton. Plus they use the old fashioned butter/icing sugar icing like my mom makes. Very Very nice.

          1. Went there this morning, right after the 9:30 opening. Short line. Nice place, great feel to it, busy but courteous and friendly service.
            Ordered a sampler of cinnamon bun, starwberry scone, blondie, butter tart, lemon loaf for the family to try.
            Here's the strange part.
            We thought EVERYTHING was great.......EXCEPT the much praised Cinnamon buns, which we found too chewy, not moist enough and kind of blah. They were still warmish when we got them, so that wasn't the problem.
            Could they have made a bad batch? Or do we not like Sweet Treats cinnamon buns? Everything else was pretty darn tasty. Strawberry Scone especially light and flaky.
            Will have to go back again to check :):):) They seem like nice people.

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              It's true. The scones are amazing, and there are always different incarnations... Blueberry peach is my favourite.