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Mar 25, 2007 07:01 AM

cool restaurant cool neighborhood

We're visiting Dallas from Chicago (our second visit). Both times we've stayed downtown near the museums and eaten at Stephan Pyles and loved it, but we have a car this time and are interested in exploring a little. Any suggestions about cool neighborhoods with good restaurants (we'd like to avoid spending quite as much as at SP, but mid to upper range is okay -- cheap eats are also okay, as long as we can get a drink with dinnner [we're on vacation!]. We'll be coming back into Dallas from the Kimball in the afternoon and will have some time do park and do a little walking if we don't get rained out. We leave first thing in the moring, so we probably only have time to check out one area. Many thanks for all suggestions!

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  1. I would check out the Lakewood neighborhood, which includes White Rock Lake, and have dinner at Kitchen 1924, perhaps the very best and funkiest neighborhood joint in all of Dallas. It's not cheap but not as expensive as SP's.

    1. Try La Duni on Oak Lawn...they don't take reservations...Don't miss dessert...these people make the BEST cakes anywhere! Also try their Margaritas or Mojitos...They have upscale Latin food, NOT Mexican...One of my favorites in the city....Resonable prices as well...

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        We love LOCAL, the food is excellent and a little pricey but I doubt as pricey as SP. Another less expensive favorite is Amuse. It is across the street from Poor David's Pub and Gilley's if you need a little night life, not sure how busy stuff will be on Monday night. If you want a detailed review go to for either. Happy eating-(BTW I second the LaDuni rec, I think I will go there for my birthday, very affordable and oh so good-one location is actually closed on Mondays so call ahead!)

      2. Hattie's. Located in the Bishop St. Arts District. Amazing southern cuisine.

        1. Hattie's is a great suggestion from the previous post. Also, Taverna is a no-brainer for outstanding Italian food in the hipster Knox-Henderson neighborhood. Prices are relatively low but it's always crowded (You can make reservations if you have a party of six or more).

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            2900 in the State Thomas area of Uptown. Great food in a low key atmosphere.

          2. I've always enjoyed The Grape on Lower Greenville.

            Hattie's at Bishop's Square is a can't miss proposition as well.

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              Sorry to be a "hater" but the Grape has been awful the last two times I went. We had to return not one, but two dishes on my (truly) last time there. Too bad, the ambience and the mushroom soup are great, but the kitchen has fallen noticeably in quality since five years ago.

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                I have to agree. The kitchen has suffered from a high turnover rate in recent years since Brian Luscher left. They are on their third or fourth executive chef in as many years. We've eaten there twice since the latest chef took over and both times the food was, frankly, awful. The much vaunted wines by the glass didn't change in the three months between visits, which was also a bit troublesome. We were big fans, but have decided that The Grape is too pricey for an iffy meal.

                On the topic, I would second 2900 or it's cousin across the street, TABC. TABC is more of a bar with really great food, whereas 2900 tends more towards the kind of finer dining you used to be able to expect at The Grape. And if you have the chance to go to a tasting menu night at 2900, you'll find it a very good value.