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Mar 25, 2007 06:47 AM

I Need Food Recommendations for El Paso

I plan a visit and I don't eat meat-fish and chicken although I will eat a barbeque rib on occasion--I need recs for places to eat in El Paso--I love Tex-Mex..thanks

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  1. I had the best soup in my life at Cafe Central. They have a cream of green chile soup that is the mosat amazing thing I have ever had. The food there is incredible.

    1. If you want barbeque ribs, the State Line is good. As for Mexican, give La Hacienda, Lucy's or La Nortena Y Cafe Deluxe a try.

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        I will definately try Cafe Central and State Line. What part of town are they in??

      2. Google the following: "New York Times" "El Paso" wine

        and you will get a NY Times review of some El Paso places, including Billy Crews, which is over the border in New Mexico and serves basically steaks and wine for unbelievable prices. $12 for an 8oz filet mignon and $190 for a 1995 Lynch-Bages bordeaux that would cost an amazing amount otherwise. Some other places in the article as well, including Mexico so bring your passport.