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Mar 25, 2007 06:22 AM

Nice restaurants in Marina del Rey/Playa/SM?

I am looking for recommendations for any kind of food type, high quality, price not an issue in the Marina Del Rey, Playa Del Rey or Santa Monica areas. Romantic would be a plus.

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  1. Melisse in Santa Monica
    Oceanfront in Venice

    Cafe Del Rey in MDR

    1. What's the restaurant at Shutter's? That might do it. Or the patio at Michael's. If you are passed the hump day of life, Pacific Dining Car in SM. Haven't been, but I've heard interesting things about the restaurant/bar at the Ritz Carlton MDR.

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      1. re: mc michael

        One Pico at Shutters has not been good lately. Michael's is better than it has been but not Great. PDR is pretty basic and the Downtown location continues to be superior.
        Melisse or Valentino is a far better choice.

        1. re: russkar

          Casa del Mar restaurant was just renovated.
          Whist at Viceroy (outside) is a romantic spot

          1. re: yogachik

            From a recent Times roundup: "Oceanfront, the restaurant at Casa del Mar hotel is closing. Catch opens in its place Thursday with a new look and a new seafood-focused menu by chef Michael Reardon, formerly executive chef at Napa's Tra Vigne. Catch, 1910 Ocean Way, Santa Monica, (310) 581-7714." I think this is the Oceanfront russkar was referencing.

          2. re: russkar

            I agree with you that Valentinos is always a good choice, but they are playing with the menu too much to figure out this fad in carbs...
            Piero needs to settle back to what he was, and just stay the course...
            Even in the Venetian Luciano struggles i believe...
            He's the best, but needs to stick to his roots...he's such an amazing restauranteur...I remember watching the river of wine flow from his front door to the curb after the Northridge many priceless wines lost...that was his last year of a run of 11 for best winelist in the country....

        2. Jiraffe in Santa Monica for quality and expert preparation.

          Might stop in and take a look at a little tapas place on Culver in Playa del Rey called The Minotaure. Candlelight, quite good food, romantic space and sometimes Spanish guitar.

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            If too many people find out about Minotaure I won't be able to get my friday nite table order 4 excellent bottles and 10 yummy tapas with my family and friends listen to some beautiful music and make a night of it. :)

            3 times so far and not a single thing wrong.

            So don't go people, seriously. Stay away. Nothing to see here. :)


            1. re: mostlybored

              I have brought many different people, and everyone really enjoys it.

              And everyone LOVES the bread pudding

              1. re: Swoshmn

                LOL. Who KNEW bread pudding was a must-have before this place? (OK, lets just say that there are a lot of bad bread puddings out there... I'm sure someone has a mom who made amazing bread pudding sometime.)

          2. capo in santa monica. delicious! great fire grilled meats and a fantastic (but pricey) wine list.

            1. Chinois on Main: an oldie but a goodie (decor is a bit dated, but food is still great)

              If you are willing to add Venice to your locale list: Piccolo