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Mar 25, 2007 06:05 AM

Passover baked goods

I'm not up to baking this year and need to find a bakery in the Main Line area with kosher for Passover cookies and cakes. Any suggestions?

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  1. The bakery at the Ardmore Farmers Market has a lot of Passover offerings. I was there this morning and sampled some that were quite good.

    1. The french pastry shop in narberth, Le Petit Mitron, has fab passover stuff. Best to pre-order.

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      1. re: Suefoo

        What about places in Center City -- I need a couple of things and just moved here recently from the NE burbs.

        1. re: Beulah

          we went to Stein's Deli on Krewstown Road (off Grant) in the NE and he had a large sellection of pasidich mandelbread, cookies, macaroons and candy. It was all in open boxes and you could take bags/boxes and purchase what you liked, by the pound (3.99-5.99 depending on what you chose) My kids really enjoyed choosing and it was nicer/cheaper more hamishe than the supermarket overpriced choices

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          I don't believe Petit Mitron or the bakery in the Ardmore Farmers Markets are certified Kosher, so if they make their own Passover products they are likely not certified Kosher for Passover either. You may want to call and check. I thought there were still a couple Kosher bakeries around City Line and Haverford? Thank you.

          1. re: Bride of the Juggler

            there is a kosher bakery - Best Cake Bakery - at City Line and Haverford but I called and they are not changing over for Passover

            1. re: elmom

              Any similar recommendations for places within 10 miles or so of Ambler?

              1. re: Karen K

                I believe George's Shop N' Bag in Dresher is convenient to Ambler. They are bringing in Kosher for Passover Cookies and Cakes from a bakery in Brooklyn, NY.

        3. thank you all for your help and happy Passover