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Mar 25, 2007 05:41 AM

Brooklyn wine bar

Looking for a "real" Brooklyn wine bar.

Does Bocca Lupo count? What about that new place on Atlantic? Also, whatever happened to the one that was supoosed to open on Union and Hoyt?

Cobble, Carroll, Red Hook, Boerum, Downtown, Slope preferred but I'll travel.

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    1. re: Larry Brooks

      I went to donna da vine wine bar last night--it's the new place on Atlantic. We arrived around 8:30 and had a really nice time. I didn't try the food, which are mostly small plates offerings, but my friends enjoyed them quit a bit. They tried the sirloin sliders, which looked great, the artichoke dip, and a salami pizzelle, and they said everything was great. The place has a sleek appearance inside, but the atmostphere was very laid-back. It also wasn't too crowded, and the wines we had were great; the list is very interesting and we all found something we really liked but had never tried before.

    2. Sample is by far our 'go to' wine bar in Brooklyn. Can't beat the service. The wines are always well selected and reasonable. And love the cheese selections.

      I'm not a fan of donna da vine, though maybe its improved since it first opened (we posted afterwards, really unpleasant time, much as we wanted to like it).

      I've been anxiously awaiting the new one on Atlantic.

      1. DOC wine bar in Williamsburs is venerable. But you must travel. Rumor has it the funding behind the proposed winebar@ union & hoyt was illicet.

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        1. re: YoungHood

          i went to bocca lupo a couple weeks ago and really enjoyed it...that being said, it is not a classic winebar. i am not sure how late it is open, nor is there really much place to sit around a bar if you are not eating at a table. however, the small plates (a big draw) were really all quite excellent. we got a good sampling at our table of four (meats and cheeses to start, a salad here, some lamb there, a pasta with fresh seafood there...) and enjoyed everything. the wine selection was very good as well. i would recommend it, but don't go expecting a strict wine bar.

          i stopped by donna da vine very briefly to meet friends there, so cannot comment (they were closing at 11pm, which was why i did not stay), but it appeared aesthetically to be more of a wine bar by those standards. It seemed quiet and laid back.

          1. re: vatl619

            Bocca Lupo is open late. Kitchen closes at 2:00 am, I think!

        2. It's not open yet (so I guess I shouldn't be replying to you directly, but hey, I'm here now), I saw a wine bar called Vin Rouge yesterday on 5th and . . .18th? 17th? Still had paper on the window. . .

          1. I'm not sure what is a "'real' brooklyn wine bar", but I quite like Total Wine bar on 5th Ave in between Chocolate Room and Pepperoncini.

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            1. re: elecsheep9

              I like Stonehome Wine Bar in Ft. Greene - great food, great wine selection.

              1. re: outside25

                i love stonehome! by far my fave choice in the area. i used to live in fort greene and my husband and i would go all the time. i still pop by when we go to BAM.

                1. re: outside25

                  I'm a regular at Stonehome. It's a great place. The staff is super-friendly and are always spot on wih the recommendations. My only complaint is that it's gotten a little too popular, with so many people going these days, it's not nearly as easy to get a seat. I'm very happy with their success regardless.