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Mar 24, 2007 09:33 PM

Cincinnati:Joints that can hang with Tuckers

After a recent visit to Cincinnati I decided that Tuckers is the finest place I've ever eaten in this under rated food town.Are there any places of a similar bend?Old,great food,charming staff is what I'm after.I'm returning soon and really looking forward to hounding on down.

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  1. Tucker's is pretty special and I don't know of anything quite like it in Cincinnati that isn't a bar. I like Anderson Township Pub, which has very good burgers and wings, and I like it better when Mary is waiting on us. I've been to Oakley Pub (which the Cincinnati Burger Blog considers to have the best hamburger in the city


    and I like the atmosphere. Camp Washington Chili is also a one-of-a-kind place, with chili (of course) but also good breakfasts and very good goetta. I'm also a big fan of the Knotty Pine on the Bayou for Cajun and good service, and Allyn's for more good bar food.

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      How is Arnold's downtown? What is the best item there?I've heard it was once a speakeasy and actually has pretty good food.

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        I'm not a regular at Arnolds, so I don't know the staff. I love the courtyard. "Pretty good" is the best you can say about the food.

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          Hi scrumptiouschef~

          I love Tucker's for their signature home fries. As for Arnold's, I have always enjoyed the atmosphere, but the food has always been so-so. I still enjoy going there, on occasion. Sometimes the specials are good.

          It is definitely not on the level of Tucker's, but if you want to try a "dive" with good breakfast, try the 1132 bar on 12th and Race in Over the Rhine. The owner, Carl, is a retired police officer. He cooks breakfast. He boils potatoes every morning and slices them, making great home fries. And he serves tomatoes with breakfast, as well (which I love).

          The H&H grill in Norwood is also good for breakfast and blue plate lunch specials. The H & H Grill is located at 3753 Montgomery Road.

          Also, check out Northside for some interesting eating. The newer, more hip restaurants are mixed in with some older places, like the the Blue Jay Cafe and Park Chili.

          Truly, none of these places measure up to Tucker's, though.

          Happy Eating!!!

          1. re: soozycue520

            Thanks for the tip.If anyone knows food it's an ex-cop...I've noticed those cats tend to eat well.I knew it was a dream to find a place as good as Tuckers but hope springs eternal.

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              If you want to try Carl's breakfast, it's also interesting to note that he usually cooks with his gun on his hip, and he is constantly cleaning the grill, which is good to see, considering the "hood".

              Another point is the breakfast is WAYYYY cheap, and you can get a cheap draft beer with your breakfast, if you imbibe. It used to be Burger, Schoenling and Hudepohl beers {all former Cincy brews}, but I think that is a thing from the past. They also have a great old jukebox, full of old soul and country tunes.

              All of this may not "float your boat", with your breakfast, but it's still very unique.

      2. Tucker's is pretty hard to beat for hole-in-the-wall atmosphere mixed with good food and service. One of the great things about the food is that he buys most of ingredients fresh at the Findlay Market... Arnold's is definitely worth visiting, but more for the history and a drink than the food. Oakley Pub is also notable for it's burgers and a pretty friendly joint.

        Other places that you might wanna try that have a similar feel, but might not stack up foodwise...
        Price Hill Chili on Glenway in Price Hill - yet another Cincy chili place but they serve pretty good breakfast and lunch (huge sandwiches)
        Anchor Grill on Pike Street in Covington - a real greasy spoon, the kind that you half expect the waitress to take your order with a cigarette dangling out of her mouth, but definitely worth trying.
        The Echo on Edwards in Hyde Park - true diner type of experience but the service can definitely be hit-n-miss. Nothing too spectacular foodwise, but it's solid fare.
        Kellogg Country Kitchen on Kellogg towards Coney Island - pretty smoky, almost truck stop atmosphere with decent breakfast food. One of those joints where you order and then find yourself a seat.

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          Chili Time in St. Bernard is my guilty pleasure. I grew up going to the one in Roselawn but this one is the same. Great breakfast, good chili and my favorite the time burger with cheese fries.

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            Kellogg Country Kitchen is gone, closed a few months ago. Something else has opened in that location, but it escapes me right now. A new breakfast place has opened in Kellogg's old location, in the antique mall, but I haven't been yet.

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              Kellogg Country Kitchen on Kellogg, in front of Annie's, is now Odell's Sports Lounge, and at the moment, does not have food.

              I think the place at the antique mall is the same owners that were there before. I haven't been there yet, but that old location was a great space. The sign outside says "Kellogg Country Kitchen", but I don't know of anyone that has been in to check it out.