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Mar 24, 2007 07:58 PM

April 6,7 in SF, knob hill area

Need suggestions for the weekend. Thanks maslook

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  1. Hi maslook,

    The name of the neighborhood is actually "Nob Hill" (without the K), so you may want to start by doing a search of the board using the correct spelling. Lots of posts will pop up. You may also want to do a search for other adjacent neighborhoods (Union Square, Chinatown, etc.)

    To get a really useful response to your question, you'll need to provide more information. What cuisines are you looking for? What price range are you considering? How far are you willing to travel? Will you have access to a car, or will you be using cab/public transit? Nob Hill has a huge variety of restaurants, ranging from expensive fine dining to hole-in-the-walls, so it's hard for us to make suggestions unless you're more specific.

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      Thanks, yes it is Nob Hill. Open for bistro suggestions, will have a car, and consider near SF areas. Moderate to not very expensive, interested in non tourist places. maslook

      1. re: maslook

        For great italian and a non-touristy spot, I would recommend Ristorante Milano. Make sure you have their homemade pastas and the tiramisu. Amazing and much better than Nob Hill Cafe! For sushi, I would go to Sushi Groove in Russian Hill. Vietnamese - go to Aux Delices on Polk St.