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Mar 24, 2007 07:57 PM

Longboat Key- need casual rec's

NY hound coming to longboat. looking for casual seafood places.

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  1. Moore's Stone Crab is a good fish house, but if you really want to go back in history then go to Bradenton Beach and take a left on Cortez Bridge for a few miles. Just after the end of the bridge take a right onto one of those little tiny residential streets, and at the end you will find STAR FISH CO. Wow-eat on a picnic table on the dock in a fishing village the freshest most reasonable fish you have ever imagined. But, promise to me that you will keep this a secret. Last week I was there for lunch and had to wait 20 minutes for a seat. The grilled grouper sandwich will blow you away.
    Also, in Anna Marie is a few long docks with restaurants at the end and both will also delight you with wonderful fish dishes. Don't think that being on Longboat Key will automatically give you the best fish restaurant opportunity, because it won't. However, it will take your money, and give you all-right food and service, but not like some of the other areas. Last week my wife and I ate on Main St Sarasota @ BARNICLE BILLS, and I must say that the fish dishes was excellent and very reasonable.
    Well, thats all for now, unless you want email me.
    Have fun, eat well, don't spend your next weeks pay, and smile.

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      Coming from Longboat Key you'll want to make a right onto Cortez to go over the bridge and find the Star Fish Company. I second that recommendation.

      For good fish sandwiches we like Dry Dock on the south end of LBK. Yes, there is an actual drydock and both the indoor and outdoor seating is very nice. For a lot less classy atmosphere - well, no class at all - we enjoy Old Salty Dog across the street from Mote Marine. Great location and never had a bad piece of fish.