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Mar 24, 2007 06:26 PM

Irish Times Pub and Restaurant/Boardwalk 11

Have any of you been to these 2 places and if so, would you recommend them?
The bf and I have moved to National Blvd and are curious as to what is good around here.
Do either one of them make a good bloody mary? What do you think of the food?

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  1. Well darn, I was hoping someone had tried these two places out. I guess I will have to let you all know if they are any good when I try them out :)

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    1. re: Tari

      i love irish times! i was just there with family & friends on st paddy's day. i was pleasantly surprised by the irish stew! yum! didn't have bloody mary's, but their beer is good. : )
      perfect atmosphere. they didn't mind our 3 kids running around. no attitude. nice waitresses/bartenders. owner (or manager) was very nice too. live music.

    2. Had fish and chips at Irish Times about 6 months ago. It was fine, not great by any means. Oh, and this was on a random Wednesday night and by 8:00 p.m. people were so trashed in there that a 50 year old woman was flashing her boobs to the entire bar/restaurant. Good times. Not.

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      1. re: Snoopy

        ha! i love it! i look for that sort of thing in a local dive bar!

      2. The bf and I went to Boardwalk 11 last week. They dont have the variety of food that it shows on their website. I just got some potato skins with bacon and some edamane.
        There were only 3 potato skins, which I am not sure if thats a norm since I don't usually get potato skins. The bf got some chicken special which didn't taste that bad. Overall, what we got was okay but nothing spectacular.
        Now I want to give Irish Times a try.

        1. I went to Boardwalk 11 last week for karaoke. It's fun and was packed solid on a Sunday night. I didn't try the food but the menu largely consisted of junk food type stuff. It didn't look overly appetizing and none of my friends who ate thought it was worth eating there. I'd eat somewhere else and then go there for the cheap drinks and good atmosphere.