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Mar 24, 2007 06:21 PM

What part of the pig is the "knuckle" ?

I keep looking at the positively pornographic photo of Daniel Boulud's "Pig Knuckles with Endives" in one of his fine cookbooks. It looks unctiously delicious. But I can't seem to find pig knuckles in any markets: I've tried Korean, Mexican, Vietnamese, and Rich White People markets all over Los Angeles. (There is no such thing as a proper butcher where I live).

Just what part of the pig is the "knuckle" ?

Here's a picture of one (no, not Boulud's... this one is Filipino):

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  1. OK so here's the answer to "what part of the pig" is it...

    Now how do I ask for that at Supermercado Liborio ?

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      How is the meat cooked in this recipe? Long slow braise? roast?

      In the picture is there bone? Possibly a knee or elbow type of joint?
      The Wiki article on pork has a picture of roast knuckle

      It looks to me as though this is the shank end of a ham, or rear leg. The shank end of a front leg might also work, especially if braised.

      The Spanish word for leg is 'pierna'.


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        "Por favor, Ustedes tienen la pierna del cerdo? Se me pueda dar x kilos? Gracias."

      2. You might want to try a Chinese market -- braised or "red cooked" pork knuckle is a classic Shanghainese dish.

        1. You could try the description in Wikipedia -

          A German market might suit you . . .

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            Considering the OP is from March 24, 2007 and his only other post is from May 2007, I'm guessing HungryDante pretty much flew the coop.

            1. re: porker

              Nope. I'm still here. Lurking and snacking.

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                Didja ever make anything with pig knuckles?

          2. Well, I doubt this is relevant anymore, but....
            it's the jointed portion, rear legs.

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              Along the relevancy angle...
              I saw raydlee's post and started to prepare a reply with diagrams and pictures, then saw Sam's post and thought "whats the date to this?".

              I couldn't help myself its usually ME being the one posting to way-out-of-date posts...

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                However, speaking of this. Know any place in Montreal serving old school pig knuckle?

                1. re: Zalbar

                  Capri (2172 rue Saint-Patrick) down the street from Magnans.

                  I ate some good pig knuckles in Longueuil as well, but I was there only once last summer - I'd need a bit of time to dig it up if you're really interested.

            2. Fabulousness. No really, one of my favorite parts of the pig as long as it's low and slow cooking.