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Mar 24, 2007 06:12 PM

Kosher Apple Strudel

Can anyone recommend a good place in Borough Park for kosher apple strudel, the authentic Hungarian or Austrian variety? I'll want some after Pesach.

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  1. I would go to W'burgh, if I were you. Many more Hunky options there. There was one cafeteria style Hunky restaurant in BP I went to, and I seem to remember it having apple strudel, but I have no idea the name, unfortunately.

    1. Best Strudel and Roggelech in New York by far:

      Andre's Hungarian Bakery
      10028 Queens Blvd @ 67th Avenue
      Rego Park, NY 11375-2748
      (718) 830-0266

      here is information to research if it's kosher enough for you;
      open Saturday & Passover, family owned, kosher from Tablet-K
      Rabbi Rafael Saffra
      The "Tablet-K," Religious and Kitchen Supervision,
      8 Copper Beach Lane, Lawrence, NY 11559-2606.
      (516) 569-9081; Fax: (516) 569-9083. Email:

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      1. re: Joe Berger

        If this is the bakery that provides the desserts to Andre's Cafe, I second this recommendation. Their strudel is fantastic. They even have the impossible-to-find savory cabbage strudel (recently written up in a Nora Ephron piece in the Times) that has all but disappeared in recent years. The apple strudel is terrific, as are their other Hungarian treats.

      2. I am looking for an actual bakery to buy a strudel from in Borough Park or even Flatbush- I am in Brooklyn and I don't drive, so taking a 2 hour train ride is out of the question.

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        1. re: DSCHWARTZ

          I guess you'd have to go with Weiss Bakery in BP. I've read great things about their cakes and pastries and they do make strudel, but I can't speak to its authenticity.