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Mar 24, 2007 05:22 PM

My trip to Toronto (Perigee, Lee, Scaramouche...

Thanks to everyone suggestions on my post "Visiting Toronto, Solo, 1st time! All of your advice was great.
Although it sounds like I am made of money, I'm not AT ALL. I just decided to spend my money on dining out. So I went to some restaurants that were suggested by some hounds, that were good places to eat alone. Here is the report:
Perigee was great, I felt so well taken care of. Pat, the chef really interacts with the diners on a personal level. My food was totally tailored to my liking and everything was fresh and delicious. I specifically liked the first course, smoked juniper char, in a creamy watercress(?) soup, fingerling potatoes, oven dried cherry tomatoes, and poached egg yolk. The yolk added a richness to the dish that was amazing!
I had several courses and wine...including dessert courses. The ice creams stood out, as well as the fig jam, goat cheese, lemon balm "pizza" on a sable cookie. Yum! Oh, the breadsticks and housemade butter are awesome too.
The staff were friendly and really helpful too. Highly recommended!
Scaramouche was tasty, too. The bread, breadsticks and hummus when you sit down was a nice beginning. My smoky pork was fantastic, mashed celriac and braised red cabbage, done really well. The only thing missing was something sweet. The menu noted that the celriac was supposed to conatin apple as well. I found no hint of apple at all. But it was still good and I scarffed it up.
My dessert, a meyer lemon semifreddo, poached rhubarb, white chocolate mousse on top of flaky pastry. It was really a great combination, although why did I order something frozen when it was below freezing outside? Yeah, the wine was influencing my choices at that point.
The customers at the bar were very talkative and I had extensive chats with people on both sides of me. Great suggestion...
I went to Lee and found it to be friendly, although super-hip atmosphere. The food, hmmmm the first dish I had was spectacular! It was a parsley spinach soup with feta and tomato, served with a leek filled 'doughnut'. Awesome...BUT! The rest of my dishes were absolutley nothing to write home about, at all. I think its overrated, but maybe I just didn't order the right things. I dunno...
All in all it was great, I did tons of other stuff (Niagara Falls, wineries, St Lawrence Market, afternoon tea...)and saw so much. Toronto is a great place to visit. I am so glad I went! P.S. Also had scrumptious, unusual desserts at Rain!

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  1. great report, glad to hear you enjoyed Ontario!

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    1. re: s0memale

      wow you got around!! thanks for the info!

    2. Good stuff.

      Glad you enjoyed yourself.


      1. Cups -
        Great feedback (and thanks!). Can you say any more about Rain... did you have anything other than dessert (and what was said dessert)? How was the vibe? I haven't been in a long while, but remember it as quite good. Should I consider a re-visit?

        Thanks - Rab-bit!

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          No, I only had a couple of desserts. I wasn't expecting to even eat, I just wanted to check out the place after a meal. Honestly, I was so busy I had to narrow it down to the restaurants I did actually go to for full meals. I was only there for 5 nights. The vibe seeemed cool, but I went early so I didn't see the place when it got busy. The people working seemed nice and the place is still gorgeous...It does seem like somewhere to go with others as opposed to just by yourself, but I could be wrong. The menu looks amazing and if I had more time I definitely would go back for the savory dishes as well.
          The desserts I had were each like a sampling of 3 or 4 desserts. One was a take on chocolate that included a carrot 'pudding' with yogurt sorbet, and cocoa nibs(excellent), chocolate shot, chocolate pastry cream with curry etc. very interesting...