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Mar 24, 2007 05:22 PM

Melisse or Opus

Planning for a special occasion dinner. I had the Melisse carte blanche tasting menu several years ago and it was excellent but I've heard they've gone down hill. Can anyone compare between that and the Opus 9 course, which I've never had, or the two restaurants in general? Thanks.

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  1. We think Melisse is the Best French Restaurant in LA , just edging out La Cachette which we will be at dining at in a couple of weeks also , big Burg Dinner, already sold out.
    We will also be at Melisse in two weeks for the Carte Blanche with East Coast friends. It hasn't gone downhill at all and we have dined there 3-5 times a year since it's inception.
    For a much more casual experience with Very Experimental food then Opus is your Answer! It's very good but not up-scale like Melisse by a long shot. Casual Fun Food vs. Serious Fusion French

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    1. re: russkar

      Thanks for the reply. When you say Opus is experimental, is it in the vein of molecular gastronomy or something else?

      1. re: sku

        Let's just say for High-end Experimental I would absolutely go to PROVIDENCE.
        For Cutting Edge French MELISSE.
        For hit and miss experimental in a Casual atmosphere then OPUS is the answer.

    2. Melisse is better.

      Opus is fine, but cannot really compare to Melisse -- less refined, and more uneven in execution.

      I have not found Melisse to have "gone down hill" at all. Was just there last month. Good as ever, and as pricey as ever ...

      1. Just to add another voice... Melisse has not gone downhill in the least. The tasting menus are all fantastic and well-executed. And the wine list is unmatched.