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Mar 24, 2007 05:21 PM

Anywhere like Maui's Sansei in LA?

For some reason I'm having a terrible craving for Sansei. Basically incredible sushi but with interesting appetizers like their Asian Shrimp Cake...I'm not the biggest sushi fan, so I haven't been around the block as much as some other folks on the board.

Does this exist anywhere in LA, preferably towards Silver Lake/Hollywood, etc.?

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    1. re: chica

      I think Roy's also may be a very good option, but the sushi is not best.

      Kiriko has a great combination of sushi and cooked foods: It may be too far west.

      Celadon has very good Asian appetizers. It's not really sushi, though the crudo items include raw fish items. Celadon is more Asian tapas. It is at Third and Fairfax:

      1. re: Jwsel

        I think we're going to hit Roy's next weekend, but we'll have to try Celadon sometime as well. It looks beautiful and somewhat like Sansei. Thanks!

      2. re: chica

        Perfect! And our first wedding anniversary is on 4/2 so that will absolutely fit the bill. Thanks for the suggestion.

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        1. If you can get to Studio City, I think Katsu-ya might fit the bill. We went to Sansei in Maui (based on the recommendations of locals), and the sushi was "eh" at best, and some items were just plain bad. I think the locals like it because they have no perspective/comparison (e.g. have not had sushi in L.A.).

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          1. re: WestsideLisa

            precisely. unfortunately Maui is not a place for sushi. so it is not
            to each his own

            1. re: WestsideLisa

              Thanks for the Katsu-ya rec, Westside Lisa. And I realize I didn't clarify in my original post that we are really looking for the Sansei-type dishes that are not sushi. It seems like Roy's will do the trick. Thanks guys!

            2. The omakase I had at Abe's Bluefin at Newport Beach always reminds me of Sansei, except better and more refined. They also have foie gras (just not on the sushi, yet). Lunch omakase is $35.

              There's a good review by another chowhound:

              1. I've been to Sansei, and I'd agree with the Katsu-ya recommendation, especially now that there are essentially three restautrants under that name. Also maybe Matsuhisa or Koi, though those are far more expensive than Sansei. (The Miso black cod at Matsuhisa is similar to the butterfish at Sansei, and believe it or not- better!)_=