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Mar 24, 2007 05:13 PM

Help! Need "homemade" cookies tomorrow - Pasadena

Help! Was supposed to make 4 dozen homemade cookies for a lunch thing tomorrow - but I've run out of time and can't do it -- where can I pick up yummy 'homemade-like" cookies in Pasadena (or Arcadia) on a Sunday??

If you know the approx. price per dozen, that would be helpful too! And, if you have a favorite kind at that place -- please share the scoop!! (I'm not really looking for a particular kind of cookie - just something YUMMY!)

Thank you 'hounds!

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  1. There is a place in Burbank, and I don't remember the name. Delicious, big, buttery cookies, in a variety of flavors, such as chocolate chip and peanut butter.

    There's a Mrs. Fields in Old Pas at the Paseo Colorado. I know it's probably not what you are looking for, but their mini-cookies are something like $3-4 a dozen, if I remember correctly. They are pretty tasty, when fresh-made.

    If you want Armenian/Persian cookies, go to Paradise Pastry in Glendale. So, so good, and many varieties to choose from. They will not look homemade though (too nice), unless you get something very simple.

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      I think the place in Burbank is called Snookies. I found it on another post, and it rang a bell as the ones that I tried last Halloween. They were very sweet, buttery, rich and delicious.

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        Do yourself a favor and take a short hop up to Porto's. You'll be glad you did. Suggestions: Sweet cheese, guava, guava w/cheese, chocolate, almond, brownies, and my personal favorite, cream and pear...too big, cut them in half. Plenty of cookie too.
        If you can't get there, go another time and sub for Viktor Benês Bakery at Gelsons, Paseo. You can enter from either Colorado or Green. :)KQ

      2. Would suggest the chocolate chip and/or fudge brownie cookies at City Bakery ( ), which kick a**, but you could probably bake your own in the time it would take you to drive to Brentwood and back.

        1. in a pinch, the Corner Bakery over by Macy's on S. Lake opens at 8 a.m. on Sundays.

          1. Also, just thinking, do Europane and Lovebirds have cookies? I don't know their hours, but they are on Colorado Blvd., near Lake Avenue, in Pasadena.

            Lovebirds has cookies (see the link below for details):

            Or, here's a place that I found online in Arcadia: Planet Cookies. The name sounds good-- could be interesting. It's near the Krikorian theatre (more info below):


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              There is a fantastic bakery called Patticakes in Pasadena. I loved everything I ever got there and it's always beautiful; but it's been a couple years. Definitly call and see if they've got cookies and grab something for yourself!

            2. Probably not exactly what you had in mind, but try the freshly baked chocolate chip cookies at Souplantation (one on Lake in Pasadena and another on Huntington Drive on the border of Arcadia/Monrovia).

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                  Be forewarned though that those cookies are very sweet... even my kids had a problem after a couple of bites...