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Mar 24, 2007 04:39 PM

Graduation dinner recs!

I'll be graduating from USC in about 6 weeks and my parents will be coming to LA for the ceremony. We're planning on going out for a nice dinner, so I wanted to have my fellow chowhounds weigh in. We're a family of gastronomes and there's only 3 of us, so we're open to pretty much anything and in any price range. However, since it's a special occasion, I wanted to keep it to a more refined/fine dining experience. I'm thinking of something along the lines of Hatfield's? Or maybe even something avant-garde (just to experience something new)?

Would love to hear your input!

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  1. I would recommend going for a tasting menu at one of the great LA restaurants like Providence, Spago, Water Grill, Patina, or Melisse. Or for a true splurge, if money is not an option and you like sushi and Japanese foods, go to Urusawa.

    Water Grill and Patina would be closest to USC.

    I also had a very good meal at Noe at the Omni Hotel downtown. I have been looking for an opportunity to go back to try the tasting menu, but Providence is first on my list for that type of splurge.

    1. Grace never fails to execute for a special occasion: [btw, Chef Fraser was CA's first iron chef winner


      Also consider Josie: [great market fresh fare with fine dining]

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        Have never been terribly impressed by Grace. I suggest Spago or Cut as a true special occasion venue.

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          Spago definitely, but the CUT experience is so different from one at Hatfield's.

      2. Do your folks get to L.A. occasionally? If this is a first or unique visit, you gotta take them to the Getty. Make reservations there for lunch at the Restaurant -- amazing views and surprisingly good food.

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          They actually came the other weekend and visited the Getty--although I don't think they ate at the Restaurant. I'll definitely let them know about it seeing as they never finished seeing everything they wanted to see there and I'm sure they'll revisit the Getty again.

        2. Spago, Cut, Asia de Cuba