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Mar 24, 2007 04:21 PM

Late night and weekend eats near Beale/ Howard Embarcadero?

So I have a problem, actually two. Although the Financial District is not a culinary gem by any means, it gets progressively worse late night and on the weekends.I don't take my lunch until 6pm and I work Friday thru Monday, so this presents Chowhounding problems. I've taken some advice from posters, I always end up at Pancho Villa or Orale Orale, and have gone to the Korean restaurant on 2nd and Mission and these have been good, but its getting a little old. Is there any other places that are open after 6pm and on the weekends that are good and not terribly overpriced (nothing over 20 dollars) ? Please help a Chowhounder in distress!

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  1. Have you tried Mehfil, though I would call as they had a fire recently

    Beale Street Bar & Grill doesn't work for you?

    If you follow Beal St to the end it will take you to the Embarcadero. On the corner of Brannan and Embarcadero is a good Market with tables outside. They do good in-house roast turkey and a number of rotating hot dishes ... some better than others. I liked the mac & cheese ... striaght forward prep.

    A block up from there on the Embarcardero is Carmens and South Beach Cafe. Carmen's is Filipino and it got a good post recently. However there are mixed feelings on it. If you want a splurge there's always Townsend Restaurant which has a 3-course $18 dinner. Next to Townsend is an ok Chinese place ... IMO, it was better than Canton on Folsom near 3rd.

    You always could go up Folsum walk up 2nd and on Brannan go to Brickhouse.

    Isn't the Pizza place in the RIncon Center open at that time? It is not amazing pizza but not bad.

    Sunday you are really out of luck. Are you against ordering in? There are a few pizza places that deliver to that area for free ... and ... help me ... Big Nate's. Others like it but in the ten years I lived there I wasn't a fan. It is OK at best to me ... but they deliver free.

    On 201 Harrison at Main there is a little deli. Nothing fabulous ... basic sandwiches, but in a pinch ... but even they aren't open after 6 on Sunday.

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      Thanks Rwo, I will definitely try these.