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Mar 24, 2007 03:53 PM

Lunch in OC with my dogs.

Hey everyone I am going down to Orange County tomorrow to meet a friend for lunch. I want to bring my little terriers with me. I know of a few places like GRUB and others here in LA that are dog friendly. Where in OC would you all recommend. Something unique with a nice vibe....... maybe a view and excellent food is a must. Obviously I do not mean inside so a patio is a MUST.


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  1. There is the Park Bench Cafe in Huntington Beach. The actually have a pet menu along with one for their human's.

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      One other place we have seen dogs and people together is the Zinc Cafe and Market in Laguna Beach, (plus they have a couple of other locations in Corona Del Mar and down San Diego way aas well).

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        Not only is The Park Bench Cafe dog-friendly (try the hot cinnamon rolls), its alongside of a lake where you can feed and gaze out at the ducks and birds and squirrels, and the HB Dog Park is only a short walk away. Your dog will thank you for this visit!

      2. The best place for dogs is Madisons in Laguna Beach...very spaciuos and dog friendly and the food is solid...lots of other dogs there to play with your pooch..then walk across the street to take your dog to the beach or along the trail overlooking the beach...I like this better then Zinc because its got a casual vibe and easier and more dog friendly...Zinc is cramped and difficult to get a table on the weekends

        1. No view and not fancy... but if you don't mind that, try Brodard's vietnamese restaurant. There is a patio area that they can set up a table for you and your best doggie friend. We used to do that after playing VB. Try their Nem Nuong rolls :)

          1. I think from what i've read so far my best bet is Zinc which seems to have good reviews on here for the food which is the most impotant thing. Any other ideas..?..?........ park bench sounds interesting but the food sounds bland at best, and madison's i have not read much about.


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              One other thought. The Filling Station in Old Town Orange is pet friendly and has good food and is pretty unique.


            2. Pacific Whey in Crystal Cove always has lots of dogs our front and pretty good food. If the weather is nice expecta long wait. If you just can't wait, ZPizza next door has good pizza and a few outdoor tables.


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                You can also try the Pacific Whey in Newport Coast. It's off Bonita Canyon and Prairie. Tons of outdoor seating and there are always dogs there when we go.