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Mar 24, 2007 03:37 PM

Shanghai Restaurant Berkeley : Report

Went for lunch to the new Shangha Restaurant in the Asian Ghetto in Berkeley. As has been reported by other posters language barriers are a huge issue here. I ordered XLB, and the waitress had no clue what I was talking about. She then got on the phone and called someone who I talked to and explained in English what I wanted. I finally did get the message across but not without some serious difficulties. That being said, the service was not bad, I found the waitress to be accomodating, she and I presume the others in the kitchen do not speak English, so yeah it can be a little frustrating.

The XLB was good but not outstanding.Then I got my pork/black mushroom/ green shoot soup #42 on the menu and this was very good.The broth was thick, the flavors really stood out and the pork was tender and juicy.I took some home only to have my girlfriend gleefully steal it from me that night, she also loved it.

Note of Caution: There are 3 different menus around this place. The first one that was put in front of me was on a sheet of paper that had some specials on it, the waitress must have assumed this was what I wanted but I noticed a much larger and comprehensive menu which I asked for. After looking at over 100 different options on this menu, the waitress brings out another smaller menu which had the XLB and the soup which I ordered.

All in all, I would definitely come back in spite of the language /menu difficulties. The prices are good, the food is solid and truthfully most of the food by the CAL campus is mediocre.I wish I would have had more people with me to try alot of the other stuff on the menu, I feel that will be the key to getting some more solid chow from this place.

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  1. Asian ghetto? Are we talking about University Avenue between Shattuck and Milvia (which also has non-Asian restaurants)?

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      No the Asian Ghetto is a little strip of restaurants off of Durant near Telegraph. Steve's BBQ is in the ghetto and has received some Chowhound praise. It is right next to Gypsy's Italian.

      Shanghai Restaurant
      2517 Durant Ave #D
      510 548 6959

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        Some students also call it the food court.

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          It's actually downhill from the food court, same side of the street. Here's a link to a thread that's been updated in the last week that mentions some of the service issues.

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            it's that 2nd floor restaurant where you go up a dark ramp to reach it.