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Mar 24, 2007 02:55 PM

Places to eat in Auburn Maine

Any recommendations for dinner in Auburn Maine or close by?

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  1. I have yet to find true fine dining in Lewiston/Auburn.

    I can point you to Gritty's, a brewpub with decent pub-type food; also Margarita's, for good "Americanized" Mexican.

    Excellent tiny BarBQ place called Lil' Dan's (but I believe they are seasonal...and may not be open).

    1. The Black Watch in "new" Auburn is good. The name is a bit confusing because the menu is slanted towards Italian. The Village Inn has big seafood. Chickadee (from Turner) has opened a branch in Lewiston. We haven't tried it yet, but we like the original Chickadee. Espo's in Lewiston is Italian; we like it too. On the other end of town, Auburn, try Mac's Grille.

      1. Well, I am a native of Auburn, or as they say in the old home state which I am on my way back to now for a few days from current home (Tokyo) via San Fran (thank you Chowhound for many worthwhile rec's), "AYUH, I'M A NATIVE." Or something like that anyway... Haven't lived really for 18 years now.... BUT.....

        I am on my way for a short visit to see family in Auburn, where I grew up. I requested a few provisions be ready when I arrive with my wife and small son. Among these, 3 quarts of FROZEN CUSTARD (1 choc, 1 van, 1 flav of the week). FROZEN CUSTARD is a very unique frozen desert... not exactly ice cream since it has more egg in it (a la "custard" style). It is on the road from the old exit 12 towards Gardiner, maybe a 5 or 10 minute drive on that long, straight road. And there used to be a place about 2 or 300 meters down the road from there which served "Buffalo Burgers" of some repute. I highly recommend a trip down that road...

        Other than that none of the other stuff really has me craving any more. (Maybe Chick-a-dee fried clams but that would be it...) I have heard good things about Gritty's though, and have fond memories of Villave Inn with family, and Rolandeau's with the French club but I think it would all pale after 8 years in Tokyo / 13 in Japan.

        Off to Maine for some FROZEN CUSTARD tomorrow. (I love the chocolate which has distinctly German notes about it.)

        And if anyone can recommend more good places in my home town which I should know about for these visits back to see Mom, I am all ears...

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          We made a mistake in ordering our fried clams in batter at Turner's Chick-a-dee. Maybe crumbed would have been better. Enjoy your trip "home" and hgave a wicked good time

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            Sorry, my memory failed me in my original post above - Frozen Custard is on the way from Auburn towards Gray -- in other words a right off of Exit 75 of the Maine Turnpike (the former Exit 12). Also, it's "Hodman's Frozen Custard" and I believe has been run by that family for many years. In any case, sorry for the recommendation of an "ice cream" place in this "places to eat" string, but there were not many standouts in that category (if you are talking about a proper meal anyway) that came to mind... If anyone can recommend please do as I will file away for the next trip home.

          2. We ate a little Somali restaurant downtown and found it reasonable and good. What is the name?
            Ps Got to the Bates dining hall!?