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Mar 24, 2007 02:43 PM

Where to eat in Taos?

We will be in Taos in May. Any suggestions for non-pricey restaurants?

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  1. If you take the time to do a search of the board, you'll find many suggestions. Here are my recommendations:

    Dragonfly Cafe
    The Relleno Cafe by Antonio
    Taos Pizza Out Back
    Eske's Brew Pub

    1. The Trading Post in Rancho de Taos is one my all time favourite restaurants.

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      1. re: Fydeaux

        Taos Diner has great breakfasts. And don't miss Orlandos.

      2. I second Mutt's suggestions, especially his comment about looking up past posts.
        Also, keep in mind Joseph's Mainstreet Bakery for breakfast and lunch. (FYI, Dragonfly and Antonio's Rellenos Cafe serve breakfast and lunch only.) Several of the more expensive restaurants (e.g. Joseph's Table, Sabroso) have moderately priced bar menus.

        1. A Denver Post reporter who was there recently recommended El Teseno, writing that it is non-touristy, not much to look at but serves terrific New Mexican food. He recommended the bkft burritos, tamales, chilie rellenos and all the mole options. It's at 819 Paseo del Pueblo Sur.

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          1. re: ClaireWalter

            Since I usually disagree with the Denver Post politically, I now have to add their food writing to the list. If you are referring to El Taoseno, it's been a fixture in Taos for years but the food, in my opinion, is pretty uninspiring. It is cheap, though. And, they do have good music on the week-ends. Orlando's is far and away my favorite for New Mexican.

          2. UPDATES:

            Mainstreet Bakery by Joseph Wrede has closed. Dragonfly is nowopen for dinner at least a few nights a week.