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Mar 24, 2007 02:27 PM

Need advice on Best Electric Griddle

My pancakes and french toast are either under or over done so I think I should invest in an electric griddle. Any tips on which one to purchase? Thanks for your advice.

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  1. I got the cuisenart griddler for my wedding shower. It's a panini press that has a flat side, too. The whole thing flips open to lay flat like a regular griddle, but it has two sides so you can do bacon on one side and pancakes on the other, or pancakes on both sides. I really like it. Haven't used it much yet, but no problem so far. It got good reviews (I researched it a lot before adding it to my registry), and I would recommend it.

    1. I think electric griddles/frypans might have made sense years ago when they were built well with well adjusted thermostats but to spend money on them today would be a mistake.

      The best way to get consistent results with pancakes & French toast is the same way to get to Carnegie Hall - practice, practice, practice. A "test cake" adds a bit of time to morning cooking but helps to ensure the rest of the batch looks ready for a magazine.

      Of course there is a "trick" that will help is know the proper temperature. There are several sources that state the standard temperature range that frying occurs at is 350-375, most pancake recipes suggest a griddle of 400 and all cookbooks will recommend the 'water drop test'. I like using a non-contact thermometer:

      Depending on the ingredients & temperature of the batter, the amount of oil and mass of the skillet / griddle I've had good results between 380-410.
      It is very helpful to watch the rate of temperature change as the pancakes cook, crepes heat through about 3x faster than "IHOP" style risers...

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        1. I also have a Presto. Easy to clean, non stick, easy to slip back into the closet when done (we don't have griddle breakfasts enough for it to warrant kitchen space). The size is perfect- I like being able to do a large batch of pancakes at once, instead of 4 at a time in a regular sized skillet.

        2. I can't say it is the best, but we have been using the same Farberware electric griddle since the mid-70's. It has a thick, un-coated aluminum griddle area. It has worked well for us and we still use it occasionally. I suppose there are better ones available these days but we have never had cause to replace it.

          1. I did similar research about a year ago and bought a Presto Tilt & Drain. It is huge and great for making pancakes. Since then, most of my family has bought the same grill after seeing it in action.