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Mar 24, 2007 02:14 PM

chocolate aroma in gold coast

I've often smelled chocolate in the gold coast (near state and rush) around 5 am or so. It smells delicious and i'm trying to figure out where it comes from. Can anyone solve my chocolate mystery?

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  1. Probably the Blommer Chocolate Factory, which is on Kinzie near the start of Milwaukee Ave.

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    1. re: Amata

      Yep. Getting anywhere down wind from there is gonna make you crazy.

    2. Yes! The Blommer Chocolate Factory Smell! I used to work in the area of the factory and it was torture, it smelled soooo good my mouth would water. . .I would literally drool at my desk. One Christmas they sent over a HUGE 5lb. chocolate bar for the office so it all paid off in the end.

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        1. I used to live in Chicago and loved the Blommer Factory smell...delicious!

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          1. re: jardin32

            Thanks for solving my chocolate mystery!

            1. re: AnjLM

              I don't think the Blommer aroma is nice at all. Cocoa liquor is very bitter and this smells very bitter. Close up, it can be so overwhelming that it feels difficult to breathe. It is so pervasive, that if the wind is right, it also comes south right down the river. Just because it's chocolate-like doesn't mean it's not air pollution. I sure would hate to live in one of those condos there.

              1. re: panfriedcant

                I think it smells great. I'd love to live in the same neighborhood as a chocolate factory!

                1. re: nsxtasy

                  Me too! Plus I'd love to afford to live in those condos!

                  1. re: nsxtasy

                    I live nearby and its wonderful. It makes me want to lick the air. Its like living in a brownie.

                    1. re: wak

                      Wak - the image of someing licking the air has made me smile for the first time this morning. Thank you!

                  2. re: panfriedcant

                    I live right around the corner, and walk my dogs past the factory almost every day. The thing about the smell(s) is that they change from hour to hour and day to day, depending upon the point in the process that they are at, at that moment. There is one point where it is not a wonderful smell, and I don't particularly enjoy it. Not bad, just not all that great. But at other times, it is like living around the corner from Willy Wonka's. We love it, and would really hate to see them ( or smell them) gone from the neighborhood.