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Mar 24, 2007 02:10 PM

Birthday dinner at Sasso tonight

Any suggestions about what to order tonight? There are three of us and we are all foodies and love good wine. We thought we'd try Sasso tonight.... comments are appreciated.

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  1. Tried a few things there early on: most memorable was a kind of rabbit stew, very Northern Italian, with lots of root vegetables in a delicious, herb-filled broth. Was less impressed with the pastas than I'd hoped to be. I expect the bartending will be good. It's kind of expensive, and it's not hard to spend a lot of money on wine. It is a massive improvement ambience-wise from the hellishly ugly Blackfin.

    1. Went there a couple of weeks ago. The starters were most interesting to me. The octopus salami was quite good.