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Nem Nuong Khanh Hoa in SGV (Alhambra-Vietnamese)

My sister and I wandered into this place after work one day and to our surprise it was great! We've been looking for a great new spot to eat at and this will be one of them.


I had the rice dish with nem nuong (vietnamese redish meatballs) and porkchop. The porkchop was bigger than I expected. My sister had the Bun Bo Hue, which is noodles in a spicy red soup. She loves this soup type of Vietnamese soup, but haven't found a great spot that offers it, until now. We also got the eggrolls, best ones I've had in a while!!!


Was excellent. The lady working there, who might have been the owner, talked to us a bit about how this restaurant was fairly new to area.

Has anyone else been here? Is there another dish that you like?

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  1. Yes, I went there within the last month and had a very good experience. Good food, good service, good price. :) I got the combo pho soup, spring rolls and fresh lemonade with soda water-- all very good.

    Here is the link where I posted about my lunch there. There are some other recs in the link that might be of interest to you:


    1. Nem Nuong Khanh Hoa is very close to my home, so I go there a few times a month. Bun Bo Hue is one of their specialty. I usually call ahead with my order and get the Nem Nuong Coun (4) to go. I think their Nem Nuong Coun is the best in SGV. I also like their egg rolls, very authentic and not soaked in oil. The service is good too.

      1. My wife and I went there today. I thought the Bun Bo Hue was very good. The spring rolls were fantastic. The same style as the ones at Brodard in Little Saigon, but a shorter drive from WeHo.

        It was very clean, service was good, but not a lot of ambiance (even for a SGV noodle house). I wouldn't even mind some VN pop music playing in the background. I recommend giving it a try since they are on the west side of Valley Blvd. which gets a lot less traffic. Definitely one of the better LA vietnamese noodle shops (especially for Bun Bo Hue).

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            You didn't like it, Ray? That means a lot, because you know that area well.

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              No, I just meant that I wanted to cancel my post, but I didn't know how to do it otherwise. Sorry.

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                so where is this place exactly? I am sure you meant west of some street and on valley.

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                  Valley and Marengo, I believe, right next to a place that sells water and a liquor store. It's in a very small parking lot (easy to miss). It's very close to the 710 freeway exit at Valley.

                  Nem Nuong Khanh Hoa
                  1700 W Valley Blvd
                  Alhambra, CA 91803

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                    It's between Fremont and Atlantic on Valley..

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                      I had to bring this post back up. Since my first inquiry on Good Bun Bo Hue in SGV back on 4/9/07 http://www.chowhound.com/topics/389836 i've eaten there nearly 8 times. And the owners only get more friendly and welcoming. They should be happy to know that they make one of the best BBH's in LA. their rolls are good, but not as good as Brodard in Little Saigon. I highly recommend this little restaurant for its super lemongrassy soup noodles.

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                        I think the service at Nem is what is most notable. I *may* have had better pho and better spring rolls elsewhere, but the lady who served me there was so nice, and the food was so cheap, that I won't forget my experience there. I haven't gone back in a while, so I'm glad others are enjoying the place. :)

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                          kat, yes definitely. the people are extremely warm there - i always leave a big tip. check my blog, just wrote a review on them.

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                            I read your review on the blog, and it was very good. Great pics too! I really like their spring rolls (especially after seeing a pic of them). :)

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                              Do you know what time they are open until today? I think I will go this evening if they are open. Thanks!

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                                i'm pretty sure they are opened till 10 pm mon-fri. sat-sun they close a few hours before. let us know what you think. also the Bun Bo Hue special is also advertised on the mirror... "Dac Biet (Special).... Bun Bo Hue)" if you don't see it on the menu.

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                                  Thanks! Ended up not going until this past Saturday. It's funny, I had deliberated on stopping in to this place (not realizing it was the same one) last Saturday when Lee Kam Kee won out!
                                  Arrived around 7:15 to a brightly lit restaurant and smiling owners. Two tables were occupied when I arrived with 2 other parties arriving while I was there (til 8:15). Ordered the Bun Bo Hue, Spring Rolls and Soda Lemonade. Order came out. Soup was very good - nice and flavorful but I think I will stick with my favorite, pho, in the future. Spring rolls were good and fresh (I love it when places put mint into them!) but the dipping sauce could have been a little thicker - I also added some fish and chili sauce which thinned it out, but it was absolutely passable. Service was sweet and helpful (they were happy to answer any questions I had). I will definitely go back. Thank you for the rec!

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                                    Hi. I'm really glad that you checked it out and liked it. :-)

          2. I go there every weekend. The food is fantastic and the people that own it are extremely nice. My wife is in Vietnam right now but I still went there for Bun Bo Hue and spring rolls. The first thing they asked was "where is your wife?". They get a kick out of the fact that I really like Bun Bo Hue.

            If you like good Vietnamese food, I highly recommend this place. I think they have the best spring rolls in LA. Are Brodards better? I don't know. It is a very close call. NNKH adds cucumber and has more veggies than Brodard. While Brodard has pork or shrimp paste, NNKH has pork paste or sour pork patties (my favorite). It is important to note that they also sell a lot of the pork for spring rolls to other restaurants and people often order platters of spring rolls for parties.

            I really enjoy the Spring Roll platter (around $12) which will easily feed 2. You get to roll your own spring rolls. I'm ready to go there right now.

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              Thanks to Bsquared2, i go there almost every week. They don't even offer a menu to me anymore... they are already assuming i'm ordering the BBH. NNKH & Brodard are both very good, but I believe that Brodard makes a better sauce. What Wildswede said about having to alter the sauce – I do the same. It doesn't have enough fish sauce nor is it spicy enough so I use the available table condiments. But NNKH does have a better BBH than Brodard.

              You can also buy a loaf of the sliced pork sausage that comes w/ the BBH for $2 – a decent sized loaf. For future bbq's, the skewered nem nuong pork wouldn't be a bad idea. 12 pieces for $10 - good deal.

              Bsquared, have you ever tried the BBH at Quan Hy? I think it's pretty tasty as well.

            2. Wife and family went last night and was hoping since it is so close to home that it would be good. Egg rolls (we had shrimp and beef) no where near the quality or taste of Vietnam house. The Pho was good but again paled in comparison to VH and they were stingy on the greens with no jalepeno at all. Prices seemed to be the same as well ($4.50 for Pho Tai). So it was ok but not impressed at all and wont go back. But the server was extremely nice and patient.

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                No offense but I think you missed the point with this restaurant. Pho is really not their specialty and I usually see very few Vietnamese people eat it there. My wife, who is Vietnamese said it was "OK". The Egg Rolls are also OK, but not as good as Golden Deli.
                BUT (and this is a big but), many Vietnamese restaurants have a "Dac Biet" or specialty. Bun Bo Hue or the Nem Nuong spring rolls are their Dac Biet. They really are amazing. They also specialize in a Fish Soup that my wife says is very good. I would give them another chance and try something else. I just got back from 3 weeks in Vietnam and only ate Pho once. Why? There are so many other dishes to choose from.

              2. I would just like to add to this thread, since I went back to Nem Nuong Khanh Hoa today for the first time in a few months.

                The place was clean, service was fast and the food was good, just like the last time I went. I ordered something special today that deserves mention. It was fresh coconut juice. This coconut juice came served in a whole chilled coconut with the top cut off, with a straw and a spoon in it. The spoon is used to scrape the soft coconut off from the inside of the shell. I was in heaven drinking the coconut juice and trying to scrape all the coconut out of it.

                Guess how much it was? $2. This was the best drink that I've had all year.

                The other thing that I got today that was great were the fresh spring rolls (lettuce, cucumber, greens, and a thin fried shrimp roll inside). This meal was so good that I wish I had another coconut and order of spring rolls for dinner tonight. The spring rolls were $3.25 plus tax.

                This is still my favorite place for pho in Alhambra. The prices are low, the food is fresh, and the space is clean. :)

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                  Their fresh coconut is very good. I spent a week in Mui Ne (Vietnamese beach resort) drinking coconut juice on the beach. It is really very good for you and quite refreshing.
                  One other thing I wanted to say about this restaurant and their Bun Bo Hue. I just got back from Hue, Vietnam and went to the "number 1" place for the noodle soup. It was OK but wasn't as good as Nem Nuoung Khanh Hoa. I have to say that my mother-in-law's is actually the best. We just got back from Vietnam and we still went to NNKH on Friday and Saturday to eat (we live in WeHo).

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                    Thanks katkoupai! I will definitely have to try the coconut juice next time (and I just got a delicious-looking recipe that calls for coconut shaved on top so it will have double-duty)!! ;-)
                    I will have to try the Pho as well, although Pho 79 is where my heart is for that dish.